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15 creative tips on how to hang pictures around the house to make your heart quiver


Photos can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or computer. But nothing touches and does not attract attention, as the most memorable moments captured in a beautiful frame. Printed photos, which are in our environment, remind of the most important, raise the mood and just delight the eye.

And if they are also presented in an original way, they will become a real decoration of the interior, the soul of the room. 15 life hacking on an interesting placement of photos will help to find inspiration and make your life collage unique.

1. Original natural photo frame

Nature itself gives us material in order to breathe life into frozen moments.

It is a little imagination, and even an ordinary stick from the street can be an elegant and unusual addition to the interior. If you tie beautiful threads or ribbons to it, and fix photos on them, it will look magical. The branch can be painted or opened with varnish, retaining the natural naturalness. The colors of the parts should be selected depending on the style and color of the interior.

2. Turn the old into the new

Old antiques are great for creating unique picture frames.

Old plates, hand mirrors, pendants, snuffboxes and other antiques can become a refined and original frame for family shots. They will add to the interior of luxury and identity, making any room more comfortable and more beautiful.

3. Elegant door decoration

A good idea for the design of the doorways of the living room or hallway.

Even a banal door in the interior can be something extraordinary, the main thing is to use inspiration and favorite pictures. Around the door frame in a chaotic or strict order we put up memorable photos, so they definitely will not go unnoticed.

4. Original greeting

Suitable life hacking for an anniversary, Valentine's Day or birthday.

Unusual effect from a simple lamp design.

The original addition to the interior will be a table lamp or a lampshade, which will be your favorite pictures or photos. To create such an effect, modern photo studios or simple skills of independent decoupage will help.

6. Festive atmosphere

Beautiful, bright and mysterious.

Combine the display of photos and a holiday will help garlands on which you can hang your favorite pictures. Photos can be fixed with the help of clothespins, tape or strings.

7. Joy in small things

Favorite photos do not necessarily place only on the walls.

An interesting solution for the design of memorable photos can be various interior items. In the kitchen, these are glass holders, fridge magnets or mugs with photos. In the bedroom or living room you can decorate pillows.

8. Friendly hours

Watches that remind not only of time.

For those who love their friends, this life hack is useful. Instead of a banal clock with a dial, you can make really original ones by hanging frames with your favorite photos on the ground. A similar idea can be used for family shots.

9. A wall of photos

It would seem nothing complicated and extraordinary, but it looks exciting.

This tip is especially for those who cannot select just a few of their favorite photos. If you have many memorable moments, or you, for example, like to travel and are proud of your achievements, the wall of photos is exactly what you need. They can be arranged in a chaotic order, and you can make an interesting gradation in color.

10. Vertical photos

Even just hanging on the thread photos look original.

It is not necessary to invent something too intricate. A simple idea, easy implementation, and immediately a slight change in the interior will not take long. Instead of a wooden support, you can take anything from above.

11. Geometry

Another idea is simple but original design.

The idea will appeal to fans of geometric shapes. It is enough to take a colored thread that needs to be fixed on a wall in random order, and some interesting photos. Pictures can be hung on a thread or glued between them.

12. Photo corner

Nothing complicated, but how spectacular it looks.

The main thing - the correct flow. This method will accurately place photos with love and inspiration. That is how they will eventually be perceived by others: with tenderness and awe.

13. Photo pictures

From photos you can make not only collages, but also real pictures.

Original feed with meaning. The frame and background are not so important, because the emphasis on the correct expression of feelings.

14. World pegs

For those who like a simple and uncomplicated design style.

Create such a collage is very simple. And materials for it will be found in almost any home. To make a frame, you do not need special skills and efforts, so the idea will take root in any situation.

15. Life in the window frame

In the reflection of the mirror you can see not only the present.

The deep idea of ​​combining past and present. Photos look great in the frame of an old frame filled with mirrors. This collage will give any interior a special flair, as well as more light and beauty.