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Side table - an ideal piece of furniture for supporters of the "sofa" lifestyle


It is difficult to disagree that it is convenient to have everything you need at your fingertips when you are lying on the sofa, drinking tea and watching your favorite show. But it’s not always possible to put a coffee table nearby, and the tray table is very light and very unstable, not to mention massive tables, which are not at all appropriate near the sofa.

There is a way out - a side table is ideal for lovers of sofa tea, which will help you to attach the objects at hand without any problems, and its laconic design will perfectly fit into the interior of any room.

The side table will ideally fit into any interior.

It would seem that the interior is thought out to the smallest detail and looks perfect, but sitting down on a sofa or in a chair, you catch yourself thinking that it would not hurt to have a useful area at hand where you could put a phone, console, magazine or put a cup of coffee. In order not to occupy useful space with more bulky pieces of furniture, you can turn your attention to the side table, which will help to keep everything "at hand" without disturbing the perfect picture of the interior.

Such an "organizer" of additional space for the location of necessary things will make the rest even more comfortable.

In order to properly select a universal side table, you need to understand some of its features, models and functional capabilities with which we will acquaint you.

1. Feature of the side table

The console is the progenitor of the side table.

A modern side table, which is an improved descendant of an elegant console, is designed to rationally organize the space for maximum comfort for all lovers of the sofa lifestyle. Based on the name of this universal piece of furniture - it must perform the function of a "prefix" to something.

The ease of construction allows you to set the side table anywhere.

And not necessarily, it will be a sofa or chair, it can be installed next to the bathroom, desk or bed. Moreover, it has a number of advantages over a coffee table - compactness of dimensions, ease of construction, better mobility and the ability to adjust the height, the ability to fit into any interior, without creating the feeling of cluttering. With all the additional advantages, it does not lose functionality in any part of the house.

2. Purpose and methods of using the side table

Side table can be positioned close to the armrest or above it.

Due to the unique design, it can be used absolutely in any room and with different functional loads. Consider the basic, maximally simplifying sofa life - it is positioned close to the armrest or directly above it.

The perfect side table where every thing will be in its place.

This use of the side table will allow you to have on hand and the TV remote, and a mobile phone, and a book or coffee with a sandwich, and for all this you do not have to stretch or stand up.

Model side tables, suitable for bed rest.

For such use, models have been created that allow you to put a laptop or a plate of soup so that you can dine without getting out of bed or sofa. Such a table makes life easier for people who are prescribed bed rest.

Side table can be used as a console or exhibition surface.

If you do not belong to lovers of get-togethers with a cup of tea on the sofa, but collect cute antiquities, you can use the table as a pedestal on which you can set your collection.

Side table can be used as a toilet table.

If you want, put on it an original table lamp or a vase with a bouquet, or you can hang a mirror next to it and use it as a dressing table, there are lots of options - choose any.

The side table can be placed anywhere, the main thing is to choose the desired height and quality of the material.

Since it is very compact, it can be placed anywhere: by putting it on a wall, on a window sill, on a bathroom, on the side of other furniture, or even using zoning (if there are no small children or animals).

Option office side tables.

The most interesting thing is that its purpose and functions vary depending on what room it is in and what is assigned to it.

3. Shapes and design of the side table

Side tables can have a various configuration and additions.

Modern possibilities of the furniture industry and designer fantasy allow you to find tables of various configurations and for every taste, starting with the classic square and ending with incredible zigzag shapes.

Side table with one massive leg.

Very comfortable design side table on metal legs with rollers.

Moreover, the designs are distinguished not only by the shape of the tabletop, but also by the frames that serve as the base of the table. Here the choice is not limited - it is the standard legs from 1 to 4 pieces, various rollers, various additional supports, shelves and even drawers, which at times increase the functionality of the side table.

Modern style design is diverse and unlimited.

The style direction is not limited at all, in the modern assortment you can find the desired model that fits perfectly into any interior. The main thing is to choose the model appropriate to the style of your apartment, it is unacceptable to squeeze a coarse industrial-style construction into an elegant classic interior.

Side table can be a bright addition to the interior.

In this case, do not forget about the color scheme, which is also diverse. It will be a very original move if you get a table of bright or unusual colors in an interior made in neutral or monochrome tones - this will enliven the whole situation.

Glossy surfaces ideally fit into a modern interior.

Also look good in a modern interior black glossy surfaces or natural wood. It is in this issue should come up with creativity and moderate imagination, about which the authors have repeatedly told in their materials.

4. Materials

Side table made of MDF or laminated chipboard is a budget and practical option.

For the manufacture of side tables used a variety of materials, so their range can be found from low-end models to completely unique.

Naturally low cost is made of MDF or chipboard, which in addition to the price have a number of advantages: low weight, resistance to stress, humidity and temperature drops (within reasonable limits!)

For the head of the office ideal side table made of solid natural wood.

Elite models are most often made of solid wood, such tables look very presentable, they are beautiful, strong and durable. Best of all, they fit into the office or for the interior decorated in a classic style.

Side table made of metal and glass, are considered more versatile and modern.

Universal models of glass, metal or plastic are ideal for a modern home interior. Each material has its undeniable advantages and specific disadvantages, which must not be forgotten when choosing a particular model. But basically, these materials are not afraid of any moderate mechanical loads or high humidity. In addition, they allow you to embody any creative design solutions.

5. Side tables can be made by hand

Side table can be made from recycled materials.

The main advantage of this piece of furniture is the ability to make it with your own hands, and from recycled materials or lumber residues. It all depends on your skill and imagination, if you try hard, the design of the home-made side table fits perfectly into the interior of your apartment.

Side tables in a rustic style or loft, you can do it yourself.

The following ideas will help you navigate, which model to choose, so that not only harmoniously joins the overall situation of the apartment, but also helps to attach the necessary items without unnecessary problems and closer.

As a side table, you can use the most unexpected things and objects.

Even old boxes and suitcases can serve as a side table.

One has only to show imagination and the side table will delight everyone.

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