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15 outstanding ideas how to hide the battery beautifully


15 outstanding ideas how to hide the battery beautifully

A battery is an integral part of any apartment, because it is impossible to live without heating in our climate room.

But in many homes, the very appearance of the battery spoils the whole look with the taste of the furnished room.

But do not despair: the decorative screen is a real salvation.

1. Wooden lattice

Lattice screen.

A high lattice box made to fit your battery with a shelf at the top is a great idea for any modern apartment.

2. Console table

Battery under the console table.

Flat modern battery can be easily hidden behind a small console table. According to the data - this is the best idea for the hallway.

3. Pallet

Screen for the battery from the wooden pallet.

A stunning, rustic-style screen can come from a regular construction pallet.

4. Folding screen

Simple folding screen.

Wicker folding screen perfectly closes the battery, does not steal heat and does not take up extra space.

5. Fabric

Cloth curtain.

In our opinion, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to disguise a battery can be a piece of cloth, skillfully turned into a curtain.

6. Raised fireplace

Fireplace imitation.

Use cardboard, paint and decorative moldings to turn a nondescript battery into a decorative fireplace.

7. Shelf

Lockers with shelves.

The space where the battery is located can be turned into a functional area by placing several built-in cabinets there.

8. Bookcase

Battery behind the doors.

The battery is hidden behind the doors of a narrow cabinet that is part of a large bookcase.

9. Perforated panel

Perforated screen.

The battery looks very stylish and original, hidden behind a light perforated panel.

10. Bag Hooks

Mesh screen with hook for bag.

The laconic wooden trellis screen with a hook for the bag will help not only to hide the unsightly battery, but also will become a practical interior detail.

11. Sofa

Sofa on the battery.

A cozy sofa, equipped with a battery by the window in the bedroom - this is probably the best idea to disguise the radiators at home.

12. Shelf

Wooden shelf.

A wide wooden shelf made of light wood in two accounts will turn the battery into a convenient storage system.

13. Screen

Scandinavian style screen.

The spectacular grid screen in the Scandinavian style will be a spectacular detail of any modern room.

14. Chest

Lattice chest of drawers.

A grid screen made to order, with one drawer in the upper part will be an excellent acquisition and practical detail of the house.

15. Wooden box

Multicolored wooden box.

A small box made of natural wood of different shades will be a real highlight of the interior.

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