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Non-standard, but practical: 19 ways to use familiar things in everyday life in a new way


Every thing in life has its own purpose.

They put food in plates, clean clothes with a sticky roller, and dry hair with a hairdryer.

But who said that these items can not be usefully applied in other areas.

We collected 19 ways practical, but unconventional use of available tools in the home.

1. Chinese sticks

Fixing tea bags.

Disposable Chinese sticks can be used as a convenient holder for tea bags. Such a device will not allow the bag to "drown" in the cup, and also helps to easily remove it and send it to the trash can.

2. Clothes pegs hangers

Clips for packages.

To start the products do not lose their properties, cover their packaging with plastic clips from unnecessary hangers.

3. Dental floss

Dental floss for cutting products.

With the help of dental floss, you can cut the cheese, soft sausage and even some fruits. Such a trick can be very useful in a hike or on a picnic.

4. Deep dish

Deep dish instead of dynamics.

A deep ceramic plate or bowl can be used as a speaker to enhance the sound of a mobile phone or tablet.

5. Sticky clip

Sticky roller for cleaning the bag.

With the help of a sticky roller, you can clean not only clothes, but also a handbag, as well as textile upholstery of furniture. This wonderful device will help you to get to the narrowest nooks and crannies and effectively collect small debris that has accumulated there.

6. Disinfectant

Disinfectant for removing ink stains.

Surprisingly, antiseptic for hands is quite an effective tool for removing ink stains from fabric.

7. Napkin

Openwork napkin instead of stencil.

Openwork paper napkin can be used as a stencil for decorating pastries. Just cover with a napkin cake or cake, sprinkle generously with powdered sugar and then carefully remove the napkin.

8. Shower Cap

Shoes in the shower cap.

The shower cap is a great alternative to the usual cellophane bags, in which we usually put shoes on when going to workout or on a trip.

9. Hair dryer

Hair dryer to clean the mirror.

It turns out that a hairdryer can be used not only to dry hair, but also to return the misted mirror to the proper look.

10. Pads on the toilet

Pads on the toilet instead of napkins.

Hygienic overlays on the toilet can be used instead of matting napkins. This seems a bit strange, but they really effectively and delicately cope with greasy shine.

11. Razor

Razor to remove the pellet.

Do not rush to throw away the old razor. Use it to remove the pellet with cashmere or woolen clothing.

12. Wine

White wine from red spots.

Spilled on themselves red wine, pour over and white. It sounds funny, but white wine copes with fresh stains from red.

13. Pencil

A pencil against a zipper.

A simple pencil, more precisely, its stylus will help to cope with a jamming lightning. Thoroughly rub the problem areas on the zipper to improve the sliding of the slider.

14. Rubber

Office gum on a can of paint.

Put ordinary stationery gum on the can of paint to wipe the brush on it and not to stain everything around.

15. Forceps

Tongs instead of juicers.

Metal kitchen tongs successfully replace the juicer and help squeeze out all the liquid from the citrus.

16. Glasses

Candlesticks from glasses.

With the help of a special paint, old glasses can be turned into unique candlesticks that will become cute interior details.

17. Spaghetti

Spaghetti instead of matches.

Use plain raw spaghetti if you need to light a tiny wick of a candle, an oven, or make a fire.

18. Container from Kinder

Convenient storage capacity.

A small yellow container from a toy from the kinder can be used to store headphones, push pins, paper clips, nuts, hooks and any other small things.

19. Curling iron

Ironing iron for clothes.

Curling irons are an amazing thing, with the help of which you can not only twist or straighten hair, but also iron your clothes. Of course, this device is not as effective as an iron, but it is quite suitable for smoothing small folds.