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7 design tips to help avoid mistakes in the design of a small room


As you know, any arrangement of the apartment is a big problem and cost, especially if interior decisions have to be made on relatively small areas, because any miscalculation in this matter will reduce your efforts to nothing.

In order not to miss anything and to do everything as nicely and comfortably as possible with the least time and financial costs, we selected practical design tips that will help avoid gross mistakes and annoying blunders.

When interior design of small rooms is not recommended.

Who among us does not dream of creating in our own apartment not only a beautiful interior, but also a special atmosphere of home comfort and warmth? Naturally, each question solves it in its own way, some manage to create a perfect interior even on small squares, and some even manage to litter large apartments.

In order to prevent such annoying mistakes, we propose to consider in more detail the more common ones, then it will be easier to make the necessary interior decisions.

1. The right choice of colors

Such a wall design option is unacceptable for small rooms.

Arrangement of any area begins with the repair, therefore, so that the resulting blunders do not evoke horror for several years, it is necessary to calculate and determine in advance. Let's start with the colors. For many years, it was believed that beige tones are the best option for tiny spaces, but experience has shown that this is not entirely true. If the color is too light, the interior will turn out faded and just no, and a little darker - depressing and oppressive.

Neutral and calm colors are always in trend and unlikely to be annoying.

The ceiling can be an accent wall in the interior design of a small bedroom.

Choose neutral colors, better two (one use contrast!); using a brighter one, focus on the wall or even on the ceiling (trend 2019). And a bright spot in the interior should be only one thing - this is the main condition!

To create the perfect interior for small squares such wallpaper is better not to choose.

On any square, the accent wall must be only one, so as not to ruffle in the eyes.

When planning a repair, think carefully about the coloring of the wallpaper, because small dimensions do not tolerate a large figure. It has already been proven that massive images on the wallpaper visually bring the walls closer, as if stealing an already small space. As well as wallpaper with a small pattern, but on all walls (there are originals that glue the same on the ceiling!) They create an atmosphere that is pressing on the psyche and constant ripples in the eyes.

If you do not think your interior without floral motifs, then only moderate quantities.

Of course, you can make an accent wall with a large ornament, but at the same time carefully select the size and color of the pattern, because an annoying mistake will remind you of itself every day. Experts in their reviews have already introduced their readers to the wisdom of choosing a pattern, color and texture, while organizing the perfect interior in any squares.

3. Light does not happen much

The panoramic window in the apartment should not be cluttered with furniture and not hung with thick curtains.

As practice has shown, even the smartest repairs on huge squares will fade without proper lighting, not to mention tiny rooms. Of course, large panoramic windows will decorate even a construction trailer, but this is an ideal option when planning a construction or cardinal redevelopment. If you are still lucky and there are such windows, do not in any way clutter them with furniture and do not close them with blackout curtains.

Huge chandeliers look beautiful in the lobbies of the theater, and not in small rooms.

Having the same standard layout of an apartment with ordinary window openings, you need to make the most efficient use of sources of artificial lighting. The main thing is to remove massive chandeliers and floor lamps of large sizes.

Some graceful small lamps look more organically in a modern interior of rooms of any dimensions.

These floor lamps are ideal for a small room.

Replace them with more elegant and stylish ceiling lights, wall lamps, table lamps, spot systems (better hidden), and if you like floor lamps, get a small one and try to place it near the reflective surface. This trick will help the interior to play with other colors.

4. The smaller the better

Discard the idea of ​​cracking bulky furniture into a small room.

Variants of compact furniture for the children's room.

This paradoxical statement concerns the size of the furniture and its quantity in a small space. For massive furniture, tiny areas are absolutely not suitable, in our case we must give preference to compact built-in furniture, modular systems or smart furniture.

A bed that can be hidden as unnecessary in a closet is ideal for small rooms.

Of course, you can not overdo it with its quantity, because instead of comfort there will always be a feeling of cluttering and lack of air and living space.

You need to use vertical surfaces, this will significantly add storage space and space.

Do not forget about the vertical squares, which can also be used with benefit, because if the furniture does not stand on the floor, then it doesn’t visually take up space.

5. Layering and contrast of carpets

Layering in small apartments is unacceptable.

When arranging small areas, most importantly, do not forget about the sense of proportion. The more squeeze the carpet in the crumbs, the smaller the room will seem. No matter how much you like a rustic style, but stacked or multi-patterned carpets next to or on top of each other will create a sense of chaos and obsession.

Choosing the right carpet will not only create an atmosphere of comfort, but also help to visually enlarge the room.

If for some reason you still need to place several carpets, buy the same or similar colors and do not make "islands", because the distance between them even more "steals" the space.

6. The right choice of textiles

Curtains of this color and texture in small rooms can not be hung.

As you know, textiles help to emphasize the dignity of the interior and hide the existing shortcomings. It is he who, according to modern designers, is not only able to create a special mood, but also to adapt to it. Unfortunately, many do not pay serious attention to the selection of high-quality and fashionable fabrics for curtains, curtains, upholstery for furniture and a variety of accessories.

The thinner the curtain and the softer the drawing, the more air and space in the small room.

Usually the main criterion in the selection is practicality, and very few people think about aesthetic harmony. In this issue, a huge number of subtleties and tricks.

Bright textiles are perfectly combined with neutral color scale of walls.

Blackout curtains and large patterns on both the curtains and on the upholstery of furniture in small rooms will look not only hard, but also ridiculous. The more airy and transparent the curtain, the more light and space will be in your small size.

An example of a harmonious combination of interior style and selected textiles.

And in the case of upholstered furniture, sofa cushions and blankets, it is necessary to take into account how well the textiles are combined with the style in which the interior will be decorated.

7. Accessories and decor items

You can not place large paintings or panels in a small room, it will visually reduce the area.

Many make mistakes already at the final stages of the formation of the interior, trying to decorate their homes with the final touches. Better give up the huge panels or pictures, and even more so from a TV with a large diagonal. Not only do such things look out of place in a small room, you have to look at them from afar, but also visually reduce an already small space.

Bulky floor vases and a huge number of paintings and photographs will turn a small room into an antiques dump.

One modular composition will be enough.

The exception is the composition or frescoes with a 3D-effect, which "pushing the walls." Also, there is no need to arrange an art gallery on the walls of the room, placing there all the exhibits available, this not only does not decorate your home, but on the contrary will turn it into an antique landfill.

This wall painting will visually enlarge the room and decorate the interior.

Do not clutter up the area with massive floor vases and figurines, remember: the less decor and furniture on the floor, the greater the volume and living space.

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