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18 "lazy" tips that will help clean the house and maintain order with minimal effort


Cleaning the house is not enough fun.

But you cannot get away from it.

And in order not to dump all the household chores on Saturdays, we collected 18 "lazy" tips that will help clean the house and maintain order with minimal effort.

We look.

1. Clean the refrigerator

Clean and pleasant aroma in the fridge.

Cover the shelves of the refrigerator with oilcloth or wrap them with ordinary cling film. This will prevent the appearance of sticky and greasy traces on the refrigerator parts. From time to time, the protective coating needs to be changed to a new one. And to avoid the appearance of unpleasant and stale smells, place a few tablets of activated carbon in the refrigerator.

2. Homemade grill

Care home grill.

Homemade grill - this is an excellent gizmo, with which you can cook a lot of delicious dishes. However, everyone who has ever grilled at the grill knows how difficult it is to wash it after cooking. However, there is a little trick that will prevent its pollution. Simply cover the grill with foil or wrap the ingredient you are going to fry. In the end, you get a delicious dish and a clean grill surface.

3. Cleaning in the microwave

Fast cleaning in the microwave.

A microwave is an essential attribute of any modern home. With it, you can cook a lot of dishes, as well as quickly heat up previously cooked. Due to frequent use, spots on the walls of the microwave quickly appear, which dry up so that it becomes difficult to clean them. But there is a little trick that will allow in five minutes to bring the furnace in order, without putting much effort. Just pour two glasses of water into the bowl, add half a glass of vinegar, place in the microwave and turn it on for three minutes. When the microwave stops, wait another three to five minutes, remove the bowl and wipe the walls with a damp sponge.

"Lazy" cleaning blender.

Washing a blender from milk, fruit, or minced meat is not easy. And many still love to put it off until the next use. But there is one way to help wash the bowl and blender blades quickly and without your participation. For this you need warm soapy water. Pour the liquid into the blender and turn it on for a few seconds, and then rinse under running water.

5. Garbage bag

Extra trash bag.

When cooking, hang an extra garbage bag near the work surface. Put in it all the garbage that appears during the cooking process. An additional garbage bag will allow you to immediately get rid of food waste, and does not go every time to the bin or something worse, to aim at it.

6. Time management

Dishwashing time.

Use time wisely. For example, wash a few plates from the sink while you warm up your lunch, some more, waiting for the computer to restart. So the waiting time will fly by and the dishes will be washed.

7. Clean dishes

Plate protection.

Hate washing dishes? Cover the plates with pita bread before putting on the meat and side dishes. When finished with the main course, you can eat pita bread, and just rinse the plate with water. Such a life hack is ideal for bachelors and very busy people who always have lunch on the run.

8. Cleaning the bathroom

Five minute cleaning in the bathroom.

Mix equal parts of vinegar and dishwashing detergent in a spray bottle. Put the resulting product in a prominent place in the bathroom. And here you wash your head, put a mask on your hair and you have five to ten minutes of time, use it to wash your bath or shower with a wonderful tool that you prepared in advance. Brush your teeth, parallel wash the sink with all the same tool. Using these tips, you will combine the process of caring for yourself with cleaning and significantly save time.

9. Lonely sock

Blinds cleaning.

Hanging out clean clothes again found a pair of lonely socks? This is a sign that it is time to wipe the blinds in the kitchen. Put a wet sock on your hand and wipe each slat, then throw your socks in the trash.

10. Combating dust

Efficient dusting.

Another pair of socks rubbed. Do not throw them away, but use dust for cleaning. Simply moisten the socks with a small amount of water with the addition of a fabric softener, put them on your hands and wipe the windowsills, cabinets and tables. The fabric softener will repel dust for a while, and you can throw away your socks immediately after cleaning.

11. Brilliant plumbing

Cleanliness and shine plumbing.

It turns out that the cranes sparkled, it is not necessary to buy special tools. From time to time it is sufficient to wipe with paper for baking. Five minutes of time and all the plumbing in the bath or in the kitchen sparkles clean.

12. Cleaning pans

Effective cleaning pans.

Cast iron pans are very durable and can serve us for years, but the food on them often burns and it can be difficult to clean them. And if you are too lazy to wash it immediately, then cleaning the old fat can be a real challenge. But there is one simple folk method that makes it easy to clean the cast iron pan. Pour water into a dirty skillet so that it covers the bottom, add a glass of vinegar and put on the fire. By the way, while the water boils, you can wash the dishes or wipe the kitchen surfaces. Next, turn off the heat under the frying pan with boiling water, pour a spoonful of soda, wait until the liquid stops hissing and drain the water. It remains only to wipe the pan with a sponge and rinse with running water.

13. Desktop

Clean the desktop.

If you spend a lot of time at the computer, then over time, empty cups, bottles, plates, empty packaging and wrappers for different products appear on your desk. In order not to overgrow with garbage, take it as a rule, take with you some garbage every time you go to the kitchen or to the toilet. Remind yourself of this and over time, you will automatically carry empty cups, pieces of candy and plates.

14. The Rule of Five Things

Cleaning during advertising.

Come up with your purity ritual. For example, take away any five things, every time your favorite show or series is interrupted by ads. This may be clothes on the bed, dust or newspapers on the coffee table, dishes in the sink or any other things that you see. With the help of such a ritual, an advertising pause will fly by without notice, and order will reign in the house.

15. Cleaning calendar

Division into zones and a calendar of cleaning.

High-quality general cleaning can take a whole day and squeeze all the juice out of you. Usually after such a cleaning, you no longer want to clean, for at least a month, or even half a year. This happens because of the illiterate distribution of forces and time. In order not to see nightmares about her after cleaning, divide the apartment into four zones: a bath-toilet, a kitchen-corridor, a bedroom, a living room. After that, create your own cleaning calendar, where one week is equal to one cleaned area. During the week, clean up a certain segment: clean the area from rubbish, clean the floor, including hard-to-reach places, get rid of dust, in general, do a general cleaning of one apartment segment.

16. Rule 15 minutes

Cleaning in 15 minutes.

After you have divided the apartment into segments and made a calendar, each segment should be divided into 7 mini-zones. Cleaning the mini-zone needs to spend exactly 15 minutes daily. So within a week you will put in order the whole segment, without making special physical efforts.

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17. Ironing

Express ironing.

If you hate ironing, there is an express method that will help bring some clothes into a decent look without an iron. We are talking about things from a thin fabric. Just hang the clothes on the eaves curtain for the bath after water treatments. Under the action of a pair of small folds smoothed. And the iron for hair will help to get rid of deep folds.

18. Sticky clip

Sticky roller for cleaning.

If you think that the sticky roller can be used exclusively for cleaning clothes, then you are greatly mistaken. With it, you can effectively clean up any textile upholstery in the house and collect small debris.

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