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How to make a dressing room from the pantry: ideas of arrangement


Any hostess dreams of such a corner in which it is possible to arrange storage of any things, both seasonal and everyday. In ordinary small apartments to take such a place is simply impossible.

In this case, a great solution would be a small dressing room from the pantry. It will not take long to accomplish this, but you need to observe the main points: determine the configuration, break up the storage scheme, set up zones and fill them with modules. Everything is discussed in detail in this article.

List of basic requirements

Dressing room in Khrushchev can be converted from the pantry, which has always been assumed in the planning of houses of this type. In order to understand whether it is possible to arrange a storage room, it is necessary to become familiar with the general requirements in this area:

  • For the arrangement of the dressing room requires a certain area. The minimum dimensions of the closet should be 1 × 1.5 m. This is quite enough to make room for shelves and rods for hangers.
  • Dressing rooms are one-sided and two-sided. In the first case, a width of at least 1.2 m is needed, and in the second - 1.5 m.
  • The wardrobe rooms located in the closet are closed spaces, completely filled with things, for the optimal storage conditions of which ventilation should be provided. The device ventilation system - the main requirement.
  • If the dressing room is located near the bedrooms, the fan should not create a lot of noise.
  • For a good overview of the filling of the storage of things you need to alter the lighting system.
  • Usually in the wardrobe rooms there are built-in wardrobes. In the mini storage rooms it is impossible to implement. They are replaced by simple shelves and shelves.
  • The main task in the mini dressing room is a rational distribution of space. Every square centimeter should be involved.
In such a dressing room you need good light and ventilation.

The main aspects of the wardrobe

Getting to the device dressing room in the pantry, think through all the main aspects. First of all, the number of stored items is estimated, and they are divided into categories. Also determined by the method of storage. For example, for large things, upper shelves are necessary, for outerwear - bars with hangers, for linen - drawers.

Types of configurations

How to allocate space in the dressing room? It depends on the shape of the pantry. There are several options for the storage system. Here are some examples:

  • Linear storage system. You can equip shelves in one wall of the pantry, which differs little in design from a regular cabinet. With this layout model, you need to think carefully about the number of rods, shelves, pull-out boxes.

  • The storage system is L-shaped. For Khrushchev is the best option. Ideal for rooms with a long rectangular shape. In addition to things they can store a vacuum cleaner, ironing board and more.

  • U-shaped configuration. It is the most practical and roomy. In this case, 100% of the space is enabled.

  • Corner option. Rather non-standard, but allows you to fix the problem areas of the room, getting a roomy room for storage.

Modern storage systems

The functionality of the dressing room determines the properly arranged storage system. It is necessary to choose it based on the area of ​​the room. There are only three types of wardrobe systems, we consider their main advantages and design features.


For the manufacture of cabinet furniture requires exact dimensions, developed the project and the master, who will perform all the order. The advantages include functional placement of stored items, impressive volumes and reliability of the structure. But, despite all the advantages, there are also disadvantages: first, the shelves and drawers are cumbersome and take a lot of usable space, and second, it is impossible to change the layout of the furniture.


The design of the mesh (cellular) type carries the versatility and compactness. It consists of light racks, shelves have a mesh basis, the same type of basket, attached to hooks and brackets. This system is easy to install - such a dressing room to install in the closet with their own hands is not difficult. In addition, it is possible at any time to change the configuration of the dressing room.

Important! If the mesh type of construction is chosen for the dressing room in the pantry, we take into account the fact that the storage system is not able to withstand heavy things.


The frame type design involves the installation of metal racks that are attached to the floor and ceiling. On the crossbars arranged racks and shelves. You can also attach rods for outerwear. Drawers are pretty easy to assemble. The advantages of this design include ease of installation and the ability to change the project at any time. Visually, this system looks easy, it is ensured by the absence of side elements.


The disadvantage in the operation of the dressing room in the apartments of the old layout is its small size. To optimize this problem, think carefully about planning storage areas.

According to the standard, the wardrobe space is divided into three main zones:

  • Lower Here usually have boxes with shoes, umbrellas and other accessories. The bottom space is about 0.8 m from the floor. The height of the shelves for storing summer shoes is 0.25 m, and winter - 0.45 m.
  • Average. Usually intended for things of permanent use. Space for outerwear is also settled here. The height of the zone should be from 1.5 to 1.7 m. It should be in a certain place to further divide the space to accommodate shirts, trousers, skirts.
  • Top. Basically it is a shelving and is intended for the location of seasonal things. You can also put bed linen, blankets, pillows, suitcases, and more. The optimum height of the upper shelves is 0.2 m, and the depth is at least 0.25 m.
Proper breakdown of the dressing room into zones allows you to comfortably use this room.

Convenient storage devices

The modern furniture market is filled with a large number of devices designed for a compact and convenient arrangement of things:

  • Devices for hanging pants and skirts that have special rubberized clips. This allows not to leave traces of inflection, as on ordinary hangers.

  • Hangers, having not one, but several cross-pieces, will help to place several identical things, which will allow maximum use of space.

  • Instead of the usual crossbar, you can use a new idea - a pantograph-lift. By means of the adjusting lever it can be lowered down.

  • Various modules for shoes are very convenient to use. These can be platforms with special protrusions on which shoes are placed.

Finishing and lighting device

The cloakroom in the pantry is a closed room. Therefore, the next aspect on which it is necessary to dwell in more detail during the alteration is lighting. In this direction, use small spotlights or wall lamps with a device for their free rotation in the desired direction.

You can think of lights for clothes. In this case, mini Led bulbs attached to rails or other elements will be a good option. They should not be located too close to the shelves and cling to clothes.

Well, if it is arranged internal lighting boxes. This can be done through LED strips.

A separate conversation - wall decoration. Here there are several rules: the surface should be smooth, painted or pasted over with both light colors. You can in some areas to arrange a mirror surface or soft drape.

Tip! Bright colors and mirror surfaces can visually expand the space. We try to follow this simple rule.

Making the door department

Having finished with zoning and storage system, proceed to the arrangement of the doorway. This is not an unimportant aspect, since it also carries the design load.

Imagine several options for closing the doorway dressing room in the closet:

  • The easiest and most affordable way to rework is to leave the opening open. Some shelves are taken out of the pantry. This option is suitable only for the hallway.
  • Often use screens to separate the space and sliding door options. The design of the sliding system is ordered in the workshops, pre-choosing the decor to your taste.
  • In the case of a conventional screen device, it should be made stylish and creative. Choose the appropriate textiles and cornice, which will be in complete harmony with the interior space.

Redeveloping the closet with their own hands

Before altering the dressing room with your own hands from the pantry, they take into account the fact that the space reserved for this is rather small. Begin by drafting a dressing room in the apartment.

Drawing up a wardrobe plan

To begin to estimate the area of ​​the pantry. Usually, in Khrushchev houses, the size of the storerooms is about 3 square meters. meter If there is not enough space for consumers, then we can start with its expansion. That is, one of the walls must be demolished, and then make a plasterboard partition. But it should be understood that in this case the space of the room itself will decrease.

Before you make a dressing room from the pantry, think through the storage system and display it on a plan. It is necessary to do the project in exact accordance with the size. Make sketches from different angles to facilitate the work. At the last stage of planning, the consumption of materials necessary for rework is calculated.


The configuration of the built-in wardrobe is chosen according to the shape of the pantry, although in this case it is possible to correct the space. The standard layout of the storage room involves the use of the area around the perimeter. Several options for the placement of designs are presented in the photo below.


Recently, wardrobe triangular shapes have gained popularity. They allow you to provide storage space even in the smallest rooms. Ideas and sketches of the device can be viewed in the photo below.

Release and decoration

Begin equipping the dressing room with the preparation of the pantry. To begin with, it is completely free of old substances; it is necessary to clean the floor and walls of dust with a vacuum cleaner and wet cleaning. Assess the condition of the walls of the pantry, and in the case of large defects, it is necessary to perform plastering or puttying. Align and paint the ceiling. By means of a coupler, level a floor and fill with linoleum.

Experts recommend not to spend a lot of materials for finishing walls and ceilings, since their structures will not be visible. Emphasis should be placed on leveling the surface. Otherwise, furniture designs may skew.

Provide ventilation

The project houses Khrushchev was not planned ventilation system, so you have to work on it yourself. This question is costly. The best output is a forced ventilation device.

You can perform the work as follows:

  • Under the ceiling in the wall, a place is chosen away from the doorway and a hole is made. It can be performed using a perforator and a "crown" with the desired diametral section.
  • A fan is inserted into the hole.
  • On the reverse side of the wall, they organize the inlet and mask it with a ventilation grill.
It looks like a forced ventilation device.

The efficiency of the fan is provided by some calculations. Its power must be chosen in accordance with the volume of the room. That is, the volume of the dressing room must be multiplied by 1.5. For a storage room with dimensions of 1.5 × 2 × 2.5, a device with a capacity of 11.5 m is selected3 in an hour.

Manufacturing and installation of storage systems

With your own hands, the storage system can be equipped from metal structures, chipboard sheets with a decorative coating, ribbons for decorating the edges, guides and various furniture fittings. Sometimes preference is given to wooden structures instead of metal.

The build process is performed according to the following algorithm:

1. The metalwork is sawn according to the sketch.

2. Make a cut of chipboard and edge trimmed with tape.

3. Carry out the installation of the frame of metal. Vertical elements abut the floor and the ceiling. Then provide mounting with screws.

4. Next, fix the horizontal elements, collecting the full structure.

5. Place shelves, assemble built-in drawers and other devices. Check their horizontal position.

Complete the design of the wardrobe space with various elements necessary for placing things: hangers, hooks, baskets and so on.

In the video: an example of the assembly of a universal frame system.

Installation and design of the door

Installing a sliding door with his own hands is not difficult. It consists of two stages: fixing guides and mounting door panels. After the guides are fixed, a stopper is attached to the bottom rail. Installation of paintings begin with the top guide, to the full lift up and inserted into the guides at the bottom.

On the video: instructions for installing sliding doors.

What you need to dwell on is the idea of ​​decorating door panels. In this matter, the choice is huge. Here is a list of the main options:

  • the whole plane of the paintings is decorated with mirrors, with or without patterning;
  • the canvases are made of chipboard, whose design is different in color and structure;
  • glass doors with a decorative pattern or a modified structure applied to them, such as frosted glass;
  • combined options: the connection of materials chipboard and glass, chipboard and mirrors;
  • rattan and bamboo canvases.

Wardrobe design options are so great that it is not difficult to choose the right option that will satisfy all consumer needs. Some ideas of complete design and design of wardrobe rooms from the pantry can be viewed in the photo in our gallery below.

Performing work on the conversion of the pantry into a modern and stylish dressing room with their own hands, provide personal participation in the exciting process, self-affirmation and saving the family budget. But, in terms of design, it is better to consult with professionals. As for the rest, turn on the fantasy and look for non-standard solutions.

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