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12 compelling reasons why there should be a bar of soap in the house, even if everyone uses liquid


Now in the trend of liquid soap, which is more convenient to use.

But lump soap is forgotten unreasonably, in addition to the main function, it has a lot of useful properties that are very useful in the household.

Soap will help in the fight against pests during repair and prevent more than one terrible disaster. 12 amazing tips will teach you to use a piece of soap in full, and at the same time solve a lot of typical problems.

1. Crystal clear mirrors


Soap perfectly saves mirrors from misting at the time of water treatment in the bathroom. To use this trick, you must first wipe the mirror with soap and wipe with a clean cloth. Now feel free to take a shower, after which you can admire your pure reflection. The same technique is suitable for preventing fogging of your glasses.

2. Easy to communicate with furniture

Soap simply and tastefully finds a common language with any sliding mechanisms.

If one of the furniture drawers is difficult to open, it's time to get a piece of soap from the stash. Just wipe them along the drawer sliders, and it will open without a single hitch. Soap do not need to wet.

3. No squeak in the house!

The door in the house should open and close quietly, and the floorboards do not make sounds.

If the house has laminate, parquet or wooden flooring, sooner or later they can start to creak. To quickly fix this problem, you need to slightly wipe the problem area with a piece of dry soap. No squeak, perfect floor. The same advice applies to the resuscitation of creaky hinges on any door in the house.

4. Quick change wallpaper

Repair in no time.

During the repair soap more important than ever. To quickly remove the old wallpaper, it is recommended to use a soap solution. It needs to be applied and give a little soak. Thanks to the soap slip will increase, to remove the wallpaper from the walls will become much easier.

5. Effective fight against stains

A little soap will greatly facilitate the washing of stubborn stains.

Using soap before washing is a simple and inexpensive way to get rid of heavy dirt. For example, to wash away such weak points in clothes as the armpits, collars and sleeves of shirts. If, before sending things to the washing machine, to rub problem areas, then they wash out perfectly.

6. Protecting the furniture from the teeth of pets

Is your furry pet crazy about table legs? We take out soap and keep them intact.

If a pet loves to gnaw on furniture legs, it is extremely difficult to wean him off this habit. At least because it is always unreal to follow him. Come to the aid of a small amount of soap, which need to rub all the "delicious" areas. The dog will definitely not like the new taste of furniture, so the bad habit will become a thing of the past.

7. Leak detection

With the help of a piece of ordinary soap, you can prevent even serious trouble.

If there is an unpleasant odor in the apartment, it is definitely worth checking for gas leaks. Wet soap to wipe all the joints of gas equipment and pipes. Where bubbles appear, there will be a leak. A similar method is valid for checking tires on a car or inflatable pools.

8. Protection of dishes from carbon

One little secret, and do not have to scrub the dishes for an hour.

This advice is very relevant for outdoor recreation. Those who love to cook on a fire under the open sky, will appreciate it. In a typical situation, the bottom of the dish, which is used for cooking, is covered with soot and soot, it becomes very dark. Wash it off is extremely difficult. To save efforts before cooking, the bottom of the dish should be wiped with soap. Now wash the pan or pan will be in two accounts.

9. How to tame new shoes?

It is not necessary to torment the feet with new shoes, let it be comfortable right away.

Often, new leather shoes are stiff, rubs and provokes the appearance of corns. In order to quickly adapt it to the feet and avoid damage and discomfort, you need to rub the back of the shoe with a wet soap on the inside. To rub it is necessary until the top layer of soap is completely absorbed into the shoes. Then try to vilify, if you still feel stiffness, repeat the operation again.

10. Neat window paint

Good preparation is a guarantee of easy and beautiful work.

If you need to paint the slopes on the windows, to make it perfectly neat is not possible. No, no, but the spray of paint falls on the window, and then you have to spend time trying to scrub them off with a chemical agent. To protect the windows and rid yourself of the extra work, you can rub the glass with a piece of soap before you start painting. After this uncomplicated ritual, it will be extremely easy to clean the windows with an ordinary rag.

11. Rodents are not admitted.

Mice do not like to observe hygiene.

The board is especially relevant for cottages, country houses, garages or basements. Instead of scaring mice and rats with chemicals that are dangerous to their health, you can use ordinary soap. You need to choose the most fragrant - a sharp smell will scare off rodents and make your territory unattractive for habitat.

12. Grease for screws and nails

Soap facilitates many repairs.

It is rather difficult to screw in a screw or hammer a nail, especially if you work with a thick piece of wood or durable building materials. To facilitate this work, before starting work, components are recommended to rub with soap. This will reduce friction and make it easier for a screw or nail to hit the tree several times.