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17 ideas of finishing tiles for those who can not decide on the look and color


17 ideas of finishing tiles for those who can not decide on the look and color

Ceramic tile for several decades remains one of the most popular finishing materials.

Modern designers are happy to experiment with it, making out the interiors.

We have collected 17 creative ideas for finishing ceramic tiles for those who can not decide on the look and color.

1. Bright apron

Multi-colored apron.

An apron made of three rows of tiles, which is different in colors and patterns, looks very fresh and bright in the interior of a small white kitchen.

2. Transition

An interesting color transition.

The standard closet bathroom will play with new colors, if you decorate its walls with square ceramic tiles of bright colors, creating a kind of transition from one color to another.

3. Fake carpet

Fake carpet in the kitchen.

We recommend using the tile remaining at the end of the work with the design of a kitchen apron, to create a fake carpet in the center of the kitchen.

4. Accent

Accent wall in the toilet.

Single tiles of bright colors can be used to create an accent wall in the toilet with solid walls. A similar idea can be realized with the help of ceramic tiles left over from repairs or having purchased the remains of ceramics from market traders.

5. Small details

Colored stripes.

With the help of strips of colored tiles you can cool refresh the interior of a boring monophonic bathroom. Bright tiles can decorate the walls of the niches, the bath screen and the wall behind it.

6. Cages

Checkered wall in the bathroom.

A bathroom wall decorated with square tiles of different colors and sizes is a great example of using small batches of tiles.

7. Restrained design

Neutral trim.

The original example of wall decoration in the bathroom, made of strips of "bricks" of various neutral shades.

8. Center of the bedroom

The central detail of the bedroom.

In our opinion, ceramic tiles have long gone beyond the kitchen and bathroom. So, a large textured tile looks very elegant on one of the walls of the bedroom.

9. Contrasts

Tile contrasting shades.

A small toilet, decorated with trendy light hexagons, with an asymmetrical black insert, smoothly "crawling" from floor to wall.

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10. Quartet of shades

Accent fragment in the bathroom.

An interesting variant of the design of a fragment of a wall with a mirror, made of ceramic tiles of different shapes and shades.

11. Geometry

Geometric details.

The modest remnants of colored ceramic tiles can be used to create the simplest geometric patterns on plain bathroom walls.

12. Solar Wall

Wide accent detail.

The bright multi-colored tiles in yellow tones became a real highlight and accent center of a snow-white bathroom.

13. Patchwork

Design in patchwork style.

A fragment of the wall in the bathroom, tiled in different shapes, colors and sizes. This solution will help to use any remnants of ceramic tiles, turning it into a central detail of the interior.

14. Colorful floor

Color floor in the kitchen.

The floor, lined with colored tiles with active patterns, fits perfectly into the interior of the snow-white kitchen, making it bright and extraordinary.

15. Spectacular detail

Spectacular apron of narrow tiles.

Want to freshen up the interior of the kitchen? One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to lay out a beautiful apron. To do this, you need a small number of narrow tiles of different colors.

16. Pixels

The original design of the walls of the bathroom.

Fantastic bathroom, the walls of which look like they are scattered into pixels. This effect was achieved using yellow tile and its shades.

17. Unusual transition

Floor rolling on the wall.

Bright multi-colored tiles from the floor, smoothly moving to one of the walls of the bathroom. Arm yourself with this idea if you want to brush up on a boring monophonic design.