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For home use: 22 non-standard ways to use old socks


Almost everyone has socks. And they more often than other items of clothing come into disrepair.

But do not rush to part with them.

They can do a good service even after they are no longer able to fulfill their main purpose. In this review, collected rational ways to use old socks, which are sure to be useful in the economy.

1. Unique fixtures

Design sock lights.

Old and lonely socks can be used to create creative fixtures such as designer Jay Watson.

2. Protection of flooring

Socks on the legs of furniture.

Wearing old socks on the legs of tables and chairs, you will prevent scratches on the floor, get rid of the noise that occurs when moving furniture, and bring to your home a bit of brightness and comfort.

3. Dressing

Sports armband.

You can use an elastic sock to create a comfortable sports band that will allow you to firmly fix your mobile phone or player and not lose it while jogging.

4. Rags

Use of socks during cleaning.

Do not rush to throw away old socks, they can be used for effective cleaning. For example, put them on meat tongs, thus creating a convenient tool for washing the blinds, or put a damp sock on your hand to fight dust on tables and windowsills.

5. Roller for hair

Roller to create beams.

Cut off the nose part from an unnecessary clean sock, twist a kind of donut out of it and use instead of a special roller to create beautiful and fashionable hairstyles with buns.

6. Sleep mask

Sleep mask.

From a thin sock without a pair, you can sew an original sleep bandage. To do this, you need to cut the sock evenly in half vertically, sew it to a dense, natural and pleasant to the touch fabric and fasten it on an elastic band.

Covers for flower pots.

Bright multi-colored socks that are out of date or left without a pair can be used as original covers for flower pots.

8. Mop Cloth

Soft cloth for mop.

Warm, soft socks can be used as a mop cloth. They effectively cope with pollution, and after cleaning the sock, you can simply remove and throw it away.

9. Pot for growing grass

Soft pot for grass.

The waste pot can be used to create a charming soft pot for growing grass. Just fill the product with the ground with seeds, tie it up and do not forget to water it. Soon the sock will "turn green" and become an attractive and useful treat for the cat.

10. Covers

Covers for small items.

Socks, left without a pair, you can use to create small covers for various small items such as: camera, phone or glasses.

11. Snake

Toy in the form of a snake.

From the parts of bright multi-colored socks and any suitable filler you can sew a beautiful toy in the form of a snake. Such a thing will be a nice interior detail or a wonderful gift for close relatives.

12. Mobile

Mobile for the crib.

Children grow up so fast and often their things look like new. Baby socks - is no exception. Do not rush to get rid of them, better use them to create a bright mobile for the crib.

13. Wallet

Purse for little things.

One bright sock can be used to create a charming wallet for small items. To make it, cut the elastic from the toe and attach a metal clasp to the edges.

14. Bouquet

Decorative bouquet of socks.

Decorative bouquet of socks is a great way to present a set of these useful, but not too original things to a loved one. Such a bouquet can be made from old socks and used as a decorative part of the interior.

15. Carpet

A rug in the hallway.

The original and very simple rug made from old socks will become a practical, bright and memorable part of the interior hallway.

16. Cover for umbrella

Cover for an umbrella from a sock.

A simple sock can easily replace a long-lost umbrella case.

17. Cat toy

Soft toy for pet.

The sock, filled with foam rubber or cotton wool, with ringed fittings sewn to it, will be a great toy for your pet.

18. Fun composition

Amusing composition from lonely socks.

A fun track called "Where do all those lonely socks go?" will be an unusual and very nice decoration of the hallway or bathroom.

19. Hand dolls

Funny hand socks dolls.

Small pieces of fabric, special accessories, threads and any other small things will help to turn old socks into charming hand-made dolls for home theater and games with babies.

20. Bottle Decoration

Bright bottle covers.

Bright socks can be used to decorate ordinary glass bottles. Bottles in such cases can be used as flower vases or as independent decoration items.

21. Cases for cups

Cups in woolen covers.

Wonderful wool socks can make wonderful covers for cups that will keep the temperature of drinks and delight the eye.

22. Toys

Socks toys.

Use old unwanted socks to create a variety of beautiful and unique toys that will delight children and decorate the house.

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