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19 small tricks to help clean up the house and put everything on the shelves


19 small tricks to help clean up the house and put everything on the shelves

In order to avoid confusion in the house, you need to put each thing in its place immediately after it happened to be used.

Of course, first, you need to bring the room and all the things in it into this very state of "order."

How to do it better, so that everything literally lay on the shelves, look in this review.

1. Package storage

Box with plastic bags.

To keep plastic bags at hand and not to take up space on the windowsill or in the drawer, store them in a cardboard box attached to the outside of the door of any kitchen cabinet. By the way, paper towels can also be stored in the same way.

2. Order in the refrigerator

Food storage in the refrigerator.

Save space and clean up the refrigerator will help cheap plastic containers. With their help, products can be sorted, divided into groups and control food stocks. In addition, these containers can be labeled with stickers that will help you easily find the right product, and also remind you what food to eat in the first place.

3. Named containers

Named containers in the bath.

In the family bathroom, hygiene products can be stored in separate plastic containers. This trick will hide your personal hygiene items and will teach households to always put their funds in place.

4. Styling tools

Storage pleyok and hair dryers.

Curling iron, hair dryer, electric razor, tongs and some other things can be stored on a wine bottle stand. This stand is best placed on the bedside table at the mirror or on the washing machine.

5. Household supplies

Storage brooms, scoops and mops.

Place to charge gadgets.

So that the cords for charging gadgets do not lie scattered around the apartment and do not spoil the appearance of the room, take as a rule to charge all devices in one place. To do this, stretch it into one of the sliding lockers of the bedside cabinet by carrying and charge your devices there.

7. Basket for pillows

Basket for bedding.

Place a large wicker basket beside the bed, which can be used to store decorative pillows and bedspreads at night. In addition, this basket will be a great alternative to a bedside table and suitable for storing a variety of things.

8. Organizer for small things

Fabric organizer for trifles.

The remnants of the fabric can be used to make the original organizer, which can be placed on one of the walls of the bed and used to store a mobile phone, remote control, books and glasses.

9. Protection of shelves in the refrigerator

Shelves covered with film.

Buy a roll of the cheapest oilcloth and cover it with all the shelves and containers in the refrigerator. When the oilcloth becomes dirty it will just need to be changed. This trick will always keep your refrigerator clean and greatly facilitate the process of washing it.

10. Shelf at the sink

Stand near the sink.

An old and long-used cake stand can be turned into a convenient shelf for storing sponges, soaps and dish detergents.

11. Fixing wires

Fastening wires.

With the help of a binder and a single bolt, you can attach and fix all the wires to one of the walls of the desktop.

12. Lockers for appliances

Technique in the locker.

If possible, try to hide rarely used appliances in cabinets or drawer cabinets. For example, you can pre-equip a large box for the printer and scanner. Such a trick will make it possible to save a lot of space on the table and protect the equipment from dust.

13. Storage of covers

Container for lids.

A small lattice for dishes will turn any plastic container into a convenient stand for storing covers from various jars and containers.

14. Storage of bags

Storage bags in the closet.

The bar for hangers in the closet can be successfully used to store bags, umbrellas and hats. To do this, hang on the bar several economic hooks and hang on them whatever you want.

15. Storing toys in the bathroom

Containers for toys.

With the help of the simplest railings, bolted near the bath, and several small plastic containers, you can significantly increase the capacity of a small bathroom. This storage system can be used to store children's toys, shampoos, washcloths and cosmetic accessories.

16. Press Organizer

Store newspapers and magazines.

Store newspapers, magazines and bills in a convenient organizer, which can be made from several plastic bottles, screwed to a small piece of plywood or wood.

17. Organizer for linen

Locker for linen.

With the help of several strips of cardboard, the drawer can be divided into small cells and turned into a functional and convenient organizer for storing underwear, tights and socks.

18. Storage of detergents

Storage of detergents on the door of the locker.

The simplest rag organizer for shoes will help to increase the capacity of a small bath. Simply cut off a small part of it and attach it to the inside of the cabinet door. Thus, you will receive several additional compartments for storing cosmetics, detergents or personal care products.

19. Storage of pots and pans

Storage pans in the kitchen.

Placing large dishes in a small kitchen can be very difficult. In this situation, you should use the space to the maximum. For example, attach several hooks to the cornice and use them to store massive pots and pans.