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9 banal mistakes that shamelessly spoil the comfort in the house


Beautiful wallpaper, exquisite furniture, brand new decor - not a room, but perfection. But everything will be utterly ruined if the vertical surfaces are filled with tasteless knick-knacks, papers, or a warehouse of the weekly wardrobe is located in the corner.

Sometimes in the daily routine it is difficult to stay organized and to keep order in everything, but there are at least 9 compulsory points, without which the house will turn from a cozy corner of rest and delight into a banal living space for eating and sleeping.

1. Always make the bed

Unmade bed - one of the most common flaws that spoil the comfort in the house.

Leaving the bed unattended is like placing flowers on the windows, but not watering them. It seems to be, at first it looks not so terrible, but in the end spoils the whole look of the bedroom. It is always necessary to make the bed, even if except for the spouse nobody sees her or you live alone. It is the center and the main attraction of the room, so it should look neat. After all, this is the very starting point, a kind of physical and visual signal to restore order, which will help to bring the rest of the apartment to the divine look.

2. How to refine the kitchen

Everything that is not used every three hours, you need to hide.

How many unnecessary items are there on the dining table, countertop or windowsill in the kitchen? Why are they there? So that, at best, once every three days, or even once every two weeks, use them. The juicer bought a year ago, a tea set, a breadbasket, spoons and a corkscrew - all you need to send to easily accessible, but closed cabinets. Only then will the kitchen look modern and neat.

3. Minimalist bathroom

The order in the bathroom - peace of mind in the shower.

The bathroom is not only a place of hygiene, but also a peculiar island of cleanliness and rest. Therefore, when restoring order in the house, this room should be given no less attention than the rest of the apartment. Even such commonly used items as toothbrushes, cotton swabs and discs, detergents, deodorant, and numerous face and body cleansers are best out of sight. For them, multicolored containers are ideal, which can be placed compactly under the sink or a special nightstand. The same applies to bathing facilities - they need to select a separate shelf in the locker or provide corner shelves directly above the bath. But no colored bottles, randomly placed at the corners.

4. Down with all the excess from the table

It is not always easy to stay organized in small things, but you need to try your best.

Do not confuse the kitchen with the office, in which the paper lying in every corner is a common thing. Paper towels and spare napkins should be stored in a specially designated place, for example, in a drawer or on an open shelf. But putting them on a table or tabletop is not a good idea. This will clutter the space and spoil the overall impression of the kitchen design.

5. Suitable furniture for the recreation area

Furniture must be chosen not only for beauty, but also for functionality.

It is best to choose furniture that performs several functions at the same time. This will keep the attractive and cozy look of the room and make the living room more organized. Coffee tables with departments for storing small items and sideboards that hide festive sets, dishes and board games are a much more valuable acquisition than simply beautiful furniture options.

6. Toys - for the game room

Children are definitely flowers of life, but this does not mean that any mess is forgivable.

Toys everywhere are a clear sign of confusion and lack of comfort. Children need to equip a special play area for development and recreation, where all soft toys, cars, kits for drawing and sculpting plasticine figures will be stored. We will not be too strict, if you wish and be careful, you can play in any room, but after that you need to accustom yourself and your favorite child to return all the toys to their place - in the children's room. And if there are too many of them to keep them in order, then it is time to conduct an audit.

7. What not to show off

There are things that are best removed from the shelves.

It’s better not to show too much; beauty usually lies in simplicity. Things like DVDs, numerous multimedia items, headphones, notes and checks, cosmetics and the like are better organized and hidden in lockers. Although useful and necessary items, but they cause irreparable harm to the general atmosphere of the room and give it carelessness. If there is not enough space in the lockers, you can come up with interesting closed shelves or decorative baskets that definitely look better than a bunch of little things scattered throughout the apartment.

8. Uncontrolled fitting outfits.

Things need to be shown who's in charge.

Clothes, even folded, that lie on a chair or hang on the closet door are not the best companion of order and comfort. Even if time is constantly not enough or you need to perform numerous fitting outfits before an important event, it would be good to take for yourself the habit of putting all things back into the closet. To make it easy to do, as well as quickly find the right clothes, you need to take care of the availability of suitable and convenient hangers, shelves and hooks.

9. Ideal organization

Order in the house - simplicity for life and freedom for the brain.

You can not postpone all the cleaning for the weekend, so one never knows, and you can burn out in the middle of the process. It would be good to train yourself to order in the details that will be respected every day. Each goal needs to be broken down into separate tasks and set realistic deadlines for them, so there will be no difficulty in maintaining cleanliness and comfort. This approach not only saves time for proper rest, but also saves nerves in the long run.