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18 ideas where you can keep shoes in the apartment


18 ideas where you can keep shoes in the apartment

The problem of storing shoes occupies the minds of, perhaps, all housewives. Shoes, boots, sneakers, boots - all this is so difficult to fit in a narrow hallway.

However, there is a way out.

We collected 18 ideas of rational (and not so) placement of shoes in the apartment.

1. Hooks

Hooks for shoes.

So that the shoes do not lie on the floor, do not occupy a place and do not create a feeling of confusion, hang it on the wall. For this, use special hooks. True, this storage option is not suitable for high boots, only for sneakers, shoes, ballet shoes and sandals.

2. Ladder

Storing shoes on the stairs.

Usual ladder - original alternative version of the hanger in the hallway. On the upper steps you can hang scarves and handbags, and the lower ones can be used to store shoes, sandals and shoes with heels.

3. Shelving

Wire shelving.

Minimalistic lattice shelves attached to the wall of a bedroom or hallway, suitable for storing shoes with heels, bags, hats and notes. Clothespins will help to fix things on the rack, and for greater attractiveness we suggest to decorate it with a garland.

4. Boxes

Narrow rack of boxes.

A narrow rack of wooden boxes is an interesting and fairly budget idea for organizing the storage of shoes in the hallway.

5. Beautiful detail

Shoes as decoration.

If you have shoes or sandals that you love with all your heart, use them as decoration. To do this, hang a frame on the wall, in the center, nail a small shelf and place the best pair. To make the composition look complete and complete, hang a couple of pictures on the wall in appropriate colors.

6. Built-in wardrobe

Built-in shoe rack.

A narrow built-in locker with hinged doors will ideally fit into the interior of a small hallway. Such a solution would be an excellent option for an apartment decorated in a modern style.

7. Lifting plates

Lifting plates for shoes.

The original shoe organizer made from a variety of flat wooden plates will be a practical and stylish decoration for one of the walls of the house.

8. Bright pockets

Bright pockets for shoes.

Bright silicone strips, similar to pockets, will fix several pairs of shoes and decorate one of the walls of the hallway.

9. Pegs

Horizontal hanger.

Compact horizontal hanger, which consists of a set of wooden pegs, allowing you to conveniently fix shoes and boots between them. Such a hanger will be especially useful in the country or in a private house, where rubber boots and overshoes are often worn.

10. Retractable shelf

Rollout cabinet under the bed.

If you have emptiness under your bed, we recommend to fill this space with a roll-out shoe box.

11. Organizer for shoes

Soft organizer for shoes.

An inexpensive soft organizer of oilcloth can be hung on the side walls of the bed and used for storing sneakers, shoes and moccasins.

12. Hanging

Shoes with hooks.

Several pairs of casual shoes can be stored in a suspended state on a thin railing with hooks. Such a storage system will remove shoes from the floor and clean up the hallway.

13. Niche

Niche for shoes.

A small niche, equipped behind the bedroom door, will allow you to place there your entire collection of shoes. Well, so that the contents of the shoe rack are not conspicuous, hide it behind a long curtain.

14. Round shelf

Round shelf for shoes.

People who can manage wood can make a round shelf for their home. Of course, for such a product will take a lot of space, but the shoes in it will look like museum exhibits.

15. Box for shoes

Small box for shoes.

Unlike the previous product, this box will be able to make even a teenager. You just need to divide the cardboard box into cells and paste over with beautiful paper. Depending on the size of the box, it will be possible to store 2-4 pairs of shoes there.

16. Minimalism

Minimalist shelf.

A universal stand in the style of minimalism, on which it will be possible to place outerwear, a handbag and several pairs of shoes, will perfectly fit into the interior of a modern hallway or bedroom.

17. Separate containers

Textile containers.

An open cabinet and many individual textile containers for shoes will be a terrific addition to a home where people love order.

18. Rails

Rails on the wall.

Several thin rails bolted to the wall, and here your shoes are not just lying idle, but beautifully decorate one of the walls.

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