Useful ideas

Effective ways to deal with clutter in the house


The most important and effective method of dealing with disorder in the house is to hide all the scattered things out of sight.

But this is often very difficult to do, because there is not enough space to store them all.

We offer 10 places where you can safely and easily hide all unnecessary at the moment.

1. Closed cabinets

Of course, it is nice to look at the open shelves, where all things are like under a ticker. But, frankly, such an ideal order is not often met. Closed tables and cabinets are much more practical.

2. Kitchen

Countertops in the kitchen should be empty. Instead, you need to find a place even for small kitchen tools, where they can be easily found. Retractable shelves are ideal for heavy household appliances, such as coffee machines or food processors.
If there is no possibility to allocate a separate bedside table for equipment, then you need to create a special corner on the table top, where everything could be put neatly.

3. Ladder

Under the stairs is usually empty huge space. But if you leave it open, it will turn into a black hole, where everything disappears and nothing is found. Therefore it is worth equipping lockers or drawers here.

4. Applied

This is the only place in the house where open shelves are permissible: shoes and clothes can be easily ventilated and dry.

5. Bathroom

In the bathroom it is necessary to adhere to the same principle as in the kitchen. Surfaces must be empty. It is easier and more practical to install a bedside table under the sink with drawers and shelves. And do not be limited to this. Increase the useful storage space using wall cabinets, for example, it can be a first-aid kit with a mirror.

6.Baby room

You can remind your child a thousand times that toys need to be put in place, but this often does not work. Anyway, dumped somewhere in a bunch, they look completely unsightly. Therefore it is necessary to equip special boxes, for example, under the bed.

7. Guest room

When you try to clean up the living room, all unnecessary things "move" to some other place and create a mess there. If you put a bedside table with deep drawers in the living room, you can hide it there with one hand movement.

8. Garage

If the house has a garage, then you are lucky. There can migrate most of the things from which the hand does not rise to get rid of. True, and in it it is necessary to equip a wardrobe or bedside tables for storage.

9. Window

If there is a protruding window in the house, then it’s a sin not to set up a huge drawer there, which, on the one hand, will hide a lot of things, and on the other, will serve as an excellent sofa.

10. Basement

This is another place where it is not necessary to equip closed cabinets and racks, you can get by with open shelves. Here you can store everything that at the moment no one uses.