Useful ideas

How to properly and originally arrange a small hallway so that it is cozy and comfortable


A small hallway is not the end of the world, and even if you started a renovation, but you do not know how and where to turn around on a pair of square meters, it doesn't matter.

The main thing with the mind, creativity and fantasy to come to this moment.

Then any question and the task set before you will be solved very simply and easily without any special nerves, enormous costs and loss of precious time, which is never enough for anything.

1. Finishing options

Finishing option in soothing colors and shades.

Do not forget that any repair (even cosmetic) begins with the decoration of the walls, the ceiling and the floor. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the colors, shades and textures that will be in harmony with each other as much as possible. For lovers of maximalism and classics fit light and calm colors, and for those who want to bring color to everyday life - the ideal option is to play in contrast.

An interesting design of a narrow hallway with a modular wardrobe.

Original color solution.

Wall mural in the hallway.

The entrance hall in black and white style is one of the simplest design options for the corridor.

Black and white hallway in the style of minimalism.

Bright entrance hall: red walls, interesting paintings, built-in mirror box.

2. Furniture for a small hallway

Furniture options for a small hallway.

The first and foremost rule - correctly selected furniture works wonders. Therefore, carefully approach the choice of the cabinet, shelves, hangers, floor lamps and other attributes that will serve you faithfully for many years. Choose the most functional and practical cabinets in which you can easily place all the necessary things, accessories and shoes.

Multifunctional furniture for the hallway.

Closet wardrobe in the hallway.

Shelves and cabinets for a small hallway.

Spacious wardrobe for the hallway.

Original shelves and hangers for a small hallway.

3. Lighting

Diffused light is the best option for a hallway.

Do not forget that light plays an important role in the design and arrangement of any interior. Choose practical lamps, chandeliers and original lamps, thanks to which you can create the necessary and comfortable lighting for you.

Original spherical chandeliers.

Spot - overhead or recessed lights with swivel shades.

Combined hallway lighting.

Spot lighting.

Lighting ideas for a small hallway.