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10 tips to help transform the bathroom, even if we are talking about a typical "Khrushchev"


The concept of a small bathroom is known to the overwhelming majority of our compatriots.

In the "Khrushchev" bathrooms more resemble storage rooms, in which it is difficult to turn around. However, even such a tiny space can be visually transformed and made functional if you know how.

We have collected some useful tips on arranging a small bathroom.

1. Mirrors

Large mirror over the sink.

Usually the wall above the sink is decorated with a mirror. However, if you choose a larger model and complement it with lighting, it will help to visually push the walls of the closest bathroom. By the way, contrary to the beliefs of many designers, mirrors without frames look much better than those that are enclosed in massive, albeit expensive frames.

2. Wicker basket

Wicker basket instead thumbs.

Wicker basket is not only a fashion trend, but also a great alternative to a bulky pedestal. Thanks to its non-rigid design, the basket can be placed even in a narrow space under the sink or near the bathtub.

3. Functional cabinets

Functional cabinet under the sink.

If you think that the communications sink must be hidden in the cabinet, choose a model with additional features. To do this, we recommend making a cabinet to order under the parameters of your bath. In the cabinet can be equipped with a narrow locker for linen, as well as a section for cosmetics and towels.

4. Corner sink

Corner ergonomic sink.

Previously, the corners in the bathroom remained empty, because nothing fit there. However, modern designers care about the interests of consumers and regularly invent new designs of ergonomic furniture and plumbing. For example, to free an extra meter of space in the bathroom will help corner sink mounted above the bathroom.

5. Towel storage

Keeping towels in a small bath.

In our opinion, the abundance of towels in the bath creates a feeling of confusion, which is unacceptable for a small room. In order not to aggravate the problem, put the towels in wicker baskets, on shelves or in a cabinet under the sink.

6. Mirror tile

Mirror and gloss tiles.

Mirror and gloss tiles just made for small spaces. It perfectly reflects the light, changes the proportions of the room, creating the illusion of free space. The only negative - will have to sweat with cleaning.

7. Elegant curtain

Beautiful curtain in the bathroom.

In a small bath, it is rarely possible to find a place for decor items and cute trinkets. Bring a touch of elegance to this room with a quality bath curtain. Of course, even the most expensive model will not solve the issue with the shortage of square meters, but it will distract attention and become the accent center of your space.

8. Mini shelves

Storage of trinkets.

It is difficult to imagine a bath room without all sorts of trinkets, fragrant jars and other trifles. However, in a small bathroom there is always not enough space for all these things. To solve the problem will help small open shelves on the walls and inside the cabinets. They will be able to place cosmetics, perfumes and other bath accessories.

9. Original cabinets

Alternative cabinets.

If there is no place for a full-fledged thumbs, it makes sense to pay attention to their creative alternatives. You can build a cabinet from large plates or an old wooden staircase.

10. Bath screen

Storage under the bathroom

The screen under the bathroom with several doors will allow you to discreetly place all household chemicals and household accessories.

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