Useful ideas

Ideas to help turn a one-room apartment into a cozy nest


Many people think that a studio apartment is a sentence for a stylish and comfortable interior.

But in reality this is not at all the case.

Even a one-room apartment of a small area can be turned into a functional, comfortable and cozy accommodation, if you use the advice of professional designers.

1. Brightness and privacy

Bedroom behind the curtains in the niche and bright yellow chair.

The sleeping area, equipped in a small niche with curtains, with a dark accent wall, an open rack, a double bed, an original coat hanger, a black table and a yellow chair, which has become a bright detail of this reserved space.

2. Glamorous classic

Bright living room combined with a bedroom.

A charming living room decorated in neutral light colors with a classic sofa, a white table, a desk, open shelves, a narrow rack and a comfortable double bed hidden behind light white curtains.

3. Laconic design

Laconic design studio apartment, decorated in white.

Small studio apartment with white walls, a compact and modern kitchen unit, a narrow table for cooking or dining, a sleek sofa that easily turns into a sleeping place, a stylish coffee table, two original chairs and an abundance of wooden parts that make the interior lively and dynamic. .

4. Nice palette

The room is in blue and white.

Stylish and functional space, with an accent wall of a pleasant blue color, two open shelves made of dark wood, a long TV stand, and a large corner sofa of blue color, which easily turns into a full-fledged sleeping place.

Studio apartment with an original wall.

Wonderful interior of a bright one-room apartment with a cozy and ergonomic furniture, patterned carpet, a multifunctional white table and an original brick wall on the border between the kitchen and the room.

6. Clear boundary

Bright design of the bedroom, combined with the living room.

The tiny room, divided into zones with the help of color and the original plasterboard partition, which allowed to combine the sleeping area and living room in one small space.

7. Grayscale

Studio apartment in gray tones.

Stylish and modern interior of a small studio apartment, decorated in white and gray shades, with a simple soft sofa, a low wooden table, a luxurious white carpet and a cozy bedroom, hidden behind the thick curtains of a noble gray shade.

8. Scandinavian style

Studio apartment in the Scandinavian style.

Bright and dynamic studio apartment with a snow-white finish, cozy kitchen and seating area, equipped on a low wooden podium.

9. Hidden systems

Hidden systems in the interior of a one-room apartment.

Modern and functional interior of a one-room apartment with a compact workplace, hidden behind the doors of an improvised wardrobe, a lifting bed that can be easily transformed into a sofa and a pair of creative tables that can also serve as bedside tables or guest seats.

10. Layout

Wonderful studio apartment with elements of rustic style.

A small studio apartment whose walls and floor are decorated in soothing light gray shades, with a compact kitchen, a sleeping area hidden behind long curtains, and several variegated tables made of coarse wood that have brought notes of rustic style to the interior.

11. Charming chaos

Multifunctional space.

A spacious room in which we managed to place everything necessary for the life of a modern person. There is also a seating area with a cozy corner sofa and an unusual table, and a place for meals, and a niche in which the loft bed and a desk could be entered.

12. Modern style

Studio apartment in a modern style.

The snow-white room, decorated in a modern style and divided into two zones with a small nightstand and a TV on it.

13. Eclecticism

Stylish interior one-room apartment in Khrushchev.

The original interior of the living room-bedroom, each of the walls of which has its own unique design, and the minimum set of well-chosen furniture creates comfortable living conditions.

14. Podium

Studio apartment with a kitchen on the podium.

A studio apartment with a small kitchen on the podium, separated from the living space by a low plasterboard partition is a great example of a competent planning and organization of a small space.

15. Modern

Studio apartment in modern style.

Amazing interior of a studio apartment, decorated mainly in gray tones, with stunning designer furniture, original lamps and wonderful objects of decor that make this room truly unique.

16. Geometry

Cozy room with geometric details.

A cozy room with bright geometric prints, a compact gray sofa, an original chair, a multifunctional wooden table, and a bed located on a low podium behind a transparent glass partition.

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17. Dramatic atmosphere

Atmospheric interior in dark colors.

An elegant room, the interior of which surprisingly managed to combine different prints and textures to create a deep and atmospheric space that serves as a bedroom and living room.

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18. Dazzling whiteness

Studio apartment with white walls.

The beautiful interior of a small studio apartment, all the walls of which are painted white, due to which the space looks brighter and larger, and the abundance of various bright little things makes it interesting and dynamic.

19. Gray fog

Calm interior of a studio apartment in gray tones.

The original interior of a small studio, all the walls of which are painted in a calm gray color, with bright shelves and a bar in the kitchen, a cozy corner for secluded relaxation, and a minimalist bedroom, the highlight of which was a huge window.

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