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12 common mistakes in the interiors of small apartments


12 common mistakes in the interiors of small apartments

A small apartment can be made very comfortable, if you choose the right color of the walls, accessories and furniture.

Design tips will help you visually expand the space.

1. Discard the wallpaper with a border

This design solution is rarely suitable for a small room. Border divides the wall into two parts and only emphasizes the lack of space. If you want to unleash the imagination, it is better to add mirrors: they will expand the space.

2. Wall decoration

Favorite pictures in frames, decorative plates, paintings, drawings, magnets - all this hides the space of a small room. Better to leave the wall empty.

3. Abundance of accessories and parts

Do not litter the apartment with candlesticks, vases, figurines and other accessories, at least until you get a more spacious house.

4. Bright colored wallpaper with ornaments

Forget about the multi-colored floral patterns. If you want the interior to be exclusive, paint or paint one of the walls in a contrasting color.

5. Natural stone or its imitation

The texture of the stone, even light, will favorably emphasize only a spacious apartment: the relief of this material narrows the space. This finishing material requires space.

6. Oriental style

Place the carpet - on the floor, not on the walls. Forget about blankets and pillows on the couch: they are more suitable for spacious houses.

7. Furniture in the center of the room

The main thing in arranging furniture in a small room is to leave as much free space as possible. Place the furniture around the perimeter, and in the central part place the coffee table.

8. Treacherous warm colors

Designers recommend not to use warm colors in the interiors of small apartments. Among the forbidden tones - red, yellow and orange. The white list is light gray, blue and green. For example, you can paint three walls white and one with a shade of green apple paint.

9. Plants on the floor

Large potted plants, such as ficus or palm trees, clutter the room. Limit yourself to small pots of flowers on the windowsill.

10. Decorated doors

Heavy doors, especially dark shades, visually divide the space and emphasize the small size of the room. Choose a sliding structure or simply leave the door frame empty.

11. Contrast floor

You should not visually divide the floor in the room. For a small room is not suitable multi-colored laminate or bright carpet. It is better if the floor will be a neutral shade.

12. Down with the curtains

Free windows from curtains! The room will have more light and extra space, and this is exactly what you need.

Did you have to furnish a small apartment? What methods did you use to make it visually more spacious?