Useful ideas

How to create comfort on a couple of tens of square meters and not miscalculate with comfort


The majority of small-scale owners are wondering how a couple of tens of square meters can be placed so that everything is at hand, but at the same time nothing interferes, it looked aesthetic, and most importantly it was comfortable and cozy.

Today we will talk about the most popular solutions, thanks to which even the smallest apartment will turn into a luxurious and incredibly comfortable abode with many interesting and original details.

1. Keep clean and tidy

Clean and tidy - a pledge of comfort and coziness.

It is worth remembering that in any apartment (regardless of scale) it is necessary to keep clean and tidy, because these are the first steps that will lead you to create a cozy atmosphere. Also do not forget that every thing must have its place. Properly selected cabinets and storage systems help avoid clutter.

Compact furniture with storage space.

2. Focus on walls

Do not be afraid to experiment with color.

Despite the fact that the majority is inclined to light colors and shades in the interior, modern designers advise to dilute bored colors with bright colors. This will help to brighten up the usual grayness and give the room a peculiar charm and freshness.

Colored walls in the interior of the kitchen.

3. Harmony in everything

Simple, stylish and tasteful.

To achieve a cozy atmosphere, you must observe harmony in the interior decoration. Try to match the color palette so that it matches not only the furniture, but also the floor.

Observe the harmony in the interior.

4. Embedded Storage

Corner cupboard.

Instead of a bulky closet, you should think about a roomy storage system where you can place all the necessary things that will always be in their places, but at the same time at your fingertips.

Multifunctional storage cabinet.

5. Lighting

Light does not happen much.

The first and foremost rule is that there is not much light. Therefore, be sure to choose modern and practical lighting systems. It can be chandeliers, and lamps, and lamps with a soft diffused light.

Modern chandeliers for a small kitchen.

6. Proper furniture

Stylish and compact furniture for a small kitchen.

You should not "clutter up" the already small room with bulky furniture. Simply select the one that fits perfectly into the scale of your apartment. It can be beds and wardrobes-transformers, compact shelves, tables and chairs-hangers.

A bed built into the wall, or a closet easily rises and retracts, freeing up space during the day.

7. Dilute the interior with textiles.

Textiles as an element of decor.

Recall that textiles are an excellent element of decor, thanks to which you can give any interior a cozy atmosphere. Feel free to choose small rugs, elegant curtains and curtains, as well as decorative pillows with different patterns and color palette.

Decorative pillows to create comfort.

8. Show imagination

Cute posters will brighten up any interior.

Bring some nice little things to your interior. Dilute the familiar atmosphere with cute and original paintings, posters, photos and other knickknacks.

Original paintings are a wonderful element of decor.

9. Sleeper

Shelving - the ability to make clear, almost isolated functional areas in the room.

Do not forget that even in the smallest apartment it is necessary to allocate a place for the sleeping area, which is best separated from the common room by means of screens, shelves, walls, niches and other functional systems.

Decorative screen for the sleeping area.

10. Recreation area on the balcony

Arrangement of recreation areas on the balcony.

Remember that you have a balcony or a loggia, which you can warm up with, you can easily use them as comfortable recreation areas regardless of the season.

Recreation area on the balcony.