Useful ideas

Great ideas for corner shelves to help optimize living space.


It would seem that the corner in the house is the place where design ideas have no place. At best, a vase is placed in a corner, and at worst, little mischievous men are sent to this very corner.

But in fact, the angle with the right approach can become a bright accent of the interior, if you place shelves in it. It will be great not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of practicality.

In this review, ideas that fit almost everyone.

1. Classic light shelves

Organizing storage space is a very complicated process that requires special knowledge and a responsible approach.

2. Rectangular corner shelves

Corner shelves - one of the methods for solving the problem of a small space in any room.

3. Wooden shelving

Wooden rack, made in the form of a ladder, will be the perfect solution to the design of the living room.

4. Corner Wall Shelves

Corner wall shelves that fit harmoniously into the interior hallway and living room.

5. Rack in the form of a snake

The corner wooden rack in the shape of a snake, which is made of durable material.

6. Wall metal shelves

Corner wall forged shelves - in almost any interior a win-win.

7. An important element of decor

Corner shelves - this is an important element of the decor, which is complemented by various things and bright accessories.

8. Rack with bar counter

Compact wooden corner rack with a bar - a functional and stylish solution that will solve many problems.

9. Corner wooden shelves

Modern design kitchen project, which provides for the use of wooden corner shelves.

10. Corner rack of wood

In order to keep the corner space empty, professional designers suggest placing classic wooden corner shelves and shelving.

11. Corner wooden shelving

Wooden corner shelving on which you can place a lot of eye-catching accessories.

12. Composition from wooden squares

Wooden corner shelves in the form of a square, which create a diamond-shaped composition.

13. Rack from polyvinyl chloride

Classic corner rack of PVC in a modern bathroom interior.

14. Lacquered corner shelves

Ordinary wooden lacquered shelves will help to create an unusual atmosphere in any interior.

15. Shelving in the living room

Large wooden shelving in the living room, which can occupy all the corner space.