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16 devices that will win the hearts of all cooking lovers


Designers and manufacturers of kitchen devices are constantly coming up with something to surprise a potential client.

This measured spoons with a futuristic design, and a rolling pin with an original pattern.

We tried to choose from the variety only the most original and useful.

We look.

1. Measuring spoon

Adjustable measuring spoon.

This device, similar to a bookmark, can replace a whole set of measuring spoons. To do this, you just need to add up the marks of the required size. Measuring spoon made in the style of origami, does not occupy any space in the locker and is easy to wash.

2. Multitool for avocado

Multitul to work with avocado.

Avocados are still something exotic for the inhabitants of our latitudes. Nevertheless, it is increasingly used in cooking. Quickly prepare the fruit for use will help this universal device. With its help, avocados can be cut, remove the bone and separate the flesh from the peel.

3. Oil Dispenser

Dispenser for butter.

The editors are familiar with the situation when you need to quickly make a sandwich, but the butter is too cold. To solve this problem will help a special dispenser that turns butter into a spray that can be easily sprayed on bread or any other surface.

4. "Pockets" for ingredients

Containers for vegetables.

Convenient small containers in which it is convenient to put the chopped ingredients. With the help of such containers you can unload the cutting board and maintain order on the working surface.

5. Hand Blender

Small hand blender.

A device that can grind various ingredients like a blender. To do this, finely chopped products need to be placed in the device and several times pull the rope.

6. Device for cleaning fish

Automatic device for cleaning fish.

Nobody likes to clean fish, as this is a very tedious task. However, with this automatic cleaning you can easily separate the fillets from the skin and extract most of the bones. The editors are sure that such a device will become an indispensable assistant for the preparation of ideal fish steaks.

7. Mitts

Bright silicone potholders.

In place of the classic rag tacks came bright samples of thick silicone. They perfectly protect hands from exposure to high temperatures, do not tear and are easy to wash under running water.

8. Salad dish

Dish in the form of a boat.

A large salad dish in the shape of a boat with two fixings on the sides for tableware. Such a salad bowl will easily become the centerpiece of any table.

9. Halo

Compact whisk.

The modern consumer is so spoiled that manufacturers have to do their best to get his attention. An example of this is the whisk. It would seem, how can it be improved? However, manufacturers have found a way to make it foldable and ergonomic.

10. Shaker for eggs

Multipurpose device for working with eggs.

This original device will allow you to make many manipulations with eggs. For example, with its help you can easily separate the white from the yolk, quickly beat the eggs for an omelet or talker, as well as give a neat round scrambled eggs.

11. Brush

Cutlery brush.

Convenient fixture with stiff brushes for quick and effective cleaning of cutlery. With the help of such a brush, the hostess can easily cope even with the remnants of dried food.

12. Garlic Press

Modern garlic press.

In our opinion, the old garlic presses are terrible. Fortunately, there are new devices. They are easy to use and clean.

13. Tolkushka

Tolkushka for soft foods.

Original tolkushka, which will gently knead the potatoes, avocados, cottage cheese, cheese or baby food and turn the product into a smooth mashed potatoes.

14. Board for defrosting

Board for quick defrosting.

When defrosting in the microwave, the products lose their nutritional value, and it will take more than one hour to defrost at room temperature. Quickly defrost the desired product will allow this modern board, made mostly of metal, which has a high thermal conductivity. The material is heated by air and helps speed up the defrosting of food.

15. Rolling pin

Original rolling pin.

Fans of homemade cookies, for sure, will like this original rolling pin with three-dimensional patterns. With its help it will be possible to prepare not only tasty, but also very beautiful cookies.

16. Device for making breakfast

Multifunctional device for making breakfast.

It looks like a microwave, but in fact this device is capable of more. For example, it can be used to warm up breakfast, fry sausages and make coffee at the same time - an amazing thing for those who are always in a hurry in the morning.

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