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How can you quickly and easily clean the gold at home


Gold is a beautiful material for making jewelry, watches and other accessories. Since ancient times it has been valued by people and every year it only increases in value. It is a metal with special properties. It is not subject to corrosion and has a wide range of industrial applications.

Gold is a very soft metal. For strength, ligatures are added to it - various impurities: palladium, nickel, platinum, copper, silver and other metals. For example, test 985 means that pure gold in it is 98.5%. For products with a lower breakdown, the proportion of impurities, respectively, is higher.

Gold belongs to noble metals due to the fact that it is resistant to oxidation under the action of an unfavorable environment (acid, alkali, etc.). It is a pure metal that is easy to care for.

Jewelry made of gold practically does not cause allergies in people with sensitive skin. This metal is durable, practical, beautiful. Many people for a long time do not even think about how to clean gold at home and return it to the brilliance and beauty.

Metal resistance to pollution

Due to its resistance to oxidation, matte film or blackening does not appear under pure gold under normal conditions. However, products with low breakdown may be subject to these phenomena.

In addition, gold jewelery and accessories may become dirty from long wear and contact with cosmetics and other substances. In particular, poor-quality cosmetics may be mercury-containing, which damages gold.

It is very rare to clean gold items. By this they compare favorably with things from other materials. Gold jewelry can be worn daily, and some even sleep and wash in them (if the design allows). Water is not harmful for gold. Jewelry can only bend or scratch if used improperly.

Ways to clean jewelry without inserts

Dirt removal

To clean the gold from dirt, you can use the available tools. The easiest way is to dry rub with a fleece cloth, for example, with a piece of fleece and bikes. If so regularly clean jewelry, they will not need the use of other means.

For a deeper cleaning of gold jewelry, you can use soapy water or toothpaste (powder). Take as a device:

  • soft toothbrush;
  • special small brush;
  • cotton buds;
  • a piece of lint-free cloth.

Lightly clean the product and then wipe dry with a tissue or paper towel.

In case of severe contamination, gold products are boiled in a soap or soda solution, followed by cleaning with a soft brush.

You can also use sugar solution. For this, 1 tablespoon of sugar is dissolved in a glass of warm water. Jewelry must be put into this solution for several hours, then rinsed with running water and dried.

Getting rid of blackening

In some cases, gold turns black (oxidized). How and with what can eliminate such a defect? You can get rid of blackness in the following ways.

  • Much has already been written about the purifying properties of Coca-Cola. This famous drink, it turns out, is so caustic that it can clean gold products in just half an hour. After this procedure, the decorations simply shine. However, this method is not applicable to gold watches and other items that are not moisture resistant. Yeah, the way is really good. But now imagine what happens to the stomach of a person who drinks Coca-Cola. Heartburn, irritation and ulcer are precisely provided for him.
  • Onion juice also removes plaque from gold well. Dampen a small piece of woolen cloth with juice and carefully process the jewelry.
  • It is possible to clean the contamination with whipped egg white. Flannel cloth with this tool to wipe requiring cleaning items.
  • To get rid of the blackening of gold, you can use a cloth dipped in vinegar. It is necessary to wrap jewelry in it and leave it for 15 minutes, and then rinse off the product with warm water. For low-grade gold products, this method is best not to use.
  • A mixture of liquid ammonia (4 drops), washing powder without bleaching components (half tablespoon) and water (1 tablespoon) is well suited for cleaning. Flannel cloth with this composition rubbed object. Rinse the mixture after 30 minutes.
  • You can also use another mixture. Mix 3 teaspoons of ammonia, 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, 1-2 drops of liquid soap and 1 cup of water. Place decorations in this solution and leave for a few hours. Be careful when using solutions with ammonia. Don't forget to wear gloves and a gauze bandage.
  • If less harmful substances do not help, then you can use pure ammonia. It is necessary to fully immerse the jewelry for 10 minutes, and then rinse under running water. Wear gloves, a respirator or a gauze bandage before the procedure to protect the airways.
  • You can also buy and use special tools with abrasives for the purification of precious metals. Sets of such tools are supplied with containers for gold and silver, special brushes, baskets, screens and even tweezers. When using them, you must take precautions (avoid contact with skin and eyes).

As you can see, cleaning high-quality gold products usually does not require much effort, and the result of this procedure will please the owner of such a valuable thing.

Remember that the mechanical effect during cleaning erases the upper protective layer and gradually thinns the metal. In addition, a side effect of cleaning at home can be a chemical reaction of the improvised means with the metal. Therefore, it is not advisable to use aggressive cleaning products for plates, sinks, etc. for these purposes.

Cleaning products with inserts

Gold often serves as a setting for pearls, gems and other inserts that cannot be contacted with the above-mentioned cleaning products. Such products should be cleaned only in ways that are permissible for a specific type of insert. Try to clean the metal separately, without touching the insert.

Before cleaning products with inserts you need to make sure that they are not glued to the jewelry glue. Such jewelry should not be immersed in liquids.

In addition, when cleaning gold products with stones, you should try to ensure that the inserts do not fall out. Check the integrity of the jewelry after soaking such items. Sink under a stream of water, too, must first be made in any capacity in order to delay the parts in case of their loss.

Cleaning Antiques

Antiques try not to clean or polish. This is due to the fact that traces of time disappear with cleaning.

If you doubt the advisability of cleansing and are afraid to cause harm, then contact a professional appraiser. He will help to determine the value of the object and give advice on caring for it.

The most effective way - cleaning with ultrasound. But this can only be done with a special device, which is quite expensive. If you are not going to organize in-line cleaning of gold products, then you do not need to purchase such a device. Moreover, it is impossible to clean jewelry with inserts made of insufficiently strong stones in this way, since they simply will not withstand high-frequency sound vibrations and burst.

At last

Unpretentious gold - is one of the most convenient to use and profitable in terms of capital investment metal. If you are wondering "How to clean gold in the simplest home conditions?", Then read our tips. Purification of gold products is not a difficult task, especially given the fact that it needs to be done quite rarely. The main thing - to do the cleaning correctly, so as not to spoil the jewelry and accessories.

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