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Shelves and racks that are perfect for storing bath accessories


The bathroom in a city apartment occupies, as a rule, a very small area.

So in this room everything should be laid out in its place. But the problem is that not even any furniture can fit in every bathroom.

But do not despair: shelves and shelves will come to the rescue. But which shelves to choose and how to place them you can find out about this review.

1. Rack from a natural raw tree

Open stationary side rack of natural untreated wood in the interior of the bathroom.

2. Shelves made of metal pipe

An ordinary metal pipe can become an original shelf for towels and bath accessories.

3. Shelves on metal mounts

Wooden shelves on metal mounts in the interior of the bathroom.

4. Shelf on wooden ropes

The wooden shelf on the ropes is not only convenient functionality in the bathroom, but also an excellent decorative element of the interior.

5. Plastic shelves with perforated bottom

Plastic shelves for the bathroom have a perforated bottom, allowing you to freely drain the water caught on the shelf.

6. Shelves of wooden boxes

From the usual wooden boxes you can create unusual shelves for the bathroom.

7. Orange rack

A bright orange shelving in the shape of a person who will completely solve the issue of placing toiletries.

8. Plastic shelves

Ordinary plastic shelves that are attached to the wall on a metal profile.

9. Shelf shaped circle

An unusual round shelf, the edging of which is made of thin fibreboard, and the shelves themselves inside the construction of an ordinary wooden board.

10. Wooden shelves

Shelf for the bathroom, made of wood, as a small work of art.

11. Rack for bath accessories

Metal rack for bath accessories, which fits perfectly into any bathroom interior.

12. Corner PVC shelves

Corner shelves made of polyvinyl chloride, which are perfect for storing shampoos and soaps.

13. Towel rack

An unusual rack of dark wood - what you need for storing clean towels.

14. Towel dryer

A metal towel rack should be located next to the bathroom.

15. Wicker baskets

Original wicker laundry baskets in the color of the table tops and shelves.

16. Rack for bath accessories

A small wooden shelving is an excellent solution for storing bath accessories.

17. Rack of polyvinyl chloride

Corner rack of PVC for storage of washcloths and shampoos.

18. Metal baskets

Metal baskets for storing small bath accessories will make the bathroom stylish and unique.

19. Wooden shelves

Classic wooden shelves of dark wood, which are covered with waterproof varnish.

20. Suspended shelves of wicker baskets

Small wicker baskets can be turned into stylish and roomy shelves for towels.