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8 design secrets, how to conveniently equip even a tiny kitchen


How to say, but in every home the most sought-after and most visited place is the kitchen. Everyone wants her to be cozy and comfortable for all inhabitants, but first of all for someone who prepares various goodies to the whole family.

For its arrangement it will take a lot of imagination and craftsmanship, especially if the kitchen is very tiny, because it is very difficult to turn it into a multifunctional, comfortable and of course aesthetic zone. In order to make these dreams come true, we have selected interesting design solutions that will help to cope with this difficult task.

In the modern world there are unlimited possibilities to transform even the smallest areas.

In modern life, small areas are becoming more and more popular, because this is a good reason to save money during the construction of new housing. But we should not forget about the old housing stock, which did not indulge in large dimensions of the kitchens at all. How to make repairs or even redevelop the kitchen? Experts have already told them more than once, and today we want to introduce you to little tricks and modern design solutions that will help to create coziness, special aesthetics and soulful atmosphere in your tiny kitchen.

1. Mirror facades of furniture or an apron in the work area

Mirror surfaces will give depth to the room.

Everyone knows the trick with mirror surfaces that can create incredible spatial illusions. Of course, the mirrors in the kitchen are a very problematic element in terms of keeping it in perfect cleanliness, but believe me, the result will just blow you away.

Mirror apron in the kitchen will help visually enlarge the space.

It is not necessary to make the entire wall from the floor to the flow in the mirrors; it will be enough just a few mirror inserts on the doors of the furniture fronts, a large mirror in the dining area, or tiles on an apron above the working surface. You can also install a mirror under the window, if there is no bulky table with a closed back wall in front of it. Thanks to the reflective effect, the available space will visually increase and even airspace will appear, which can transform even a very tiny kitchen.

A mirror apron with a scuff effect will also help give depth to the space.

If, nevertheless, you are afraid not to cope with the pollution that will invariably be in the kitchen, then it is better to use materials with a rubbing effect or to place mirror areas away from the cooking surface.

There is a very interesting alternative to the mirror as such - it is a self-adhesive mirror film, which can be simply pasted on the selected facade elements.

2. Proper lighting

With the help of a beautiful ceiling you can create a special accent.

Not only convenience and comfort depends on lighting, but also the aesthetics of the whole room. After all, even the most expensive repair will fade if you save on this part of the room decoration. Many people think that if the kitchen is small, then there will be plenty of light from the window and one ceiling. But this is not the case; even a tiny crumb will be able to decorate with just a competent arrangement of several light sources.

The work surface should be well lit.

To illuminate the dining area is better to choose a few original lampshades.

It is imperative to highlight the work area countertops and the hob. Of course, it is better to install a couple of lamps over the dining area, while choosing unusual ceiling lamps that will attract attention and become an excellent accent in a small room.

Variants of the use of devices of directional light (spot) in the arrangement of the kitchen.

In the modern market of lighting devices, a lot of interesting designs of directional light (spots) have appeared, which will help to create a special light, and you can adjust it at your own discretion.

3. Using LED backlight

The organization of additional lighting with LED tape.

LED lighting can add a special atmosphere to kitchen design.

A very interesting design move - the installation of LED-backlighting, which will help to create an incredible atmosphere, if you place it in the right place. With this task you can handle yourself, most importantly, know some tricks. So, for example, if you highlight the kitchen set from below, then due to the path of bright light, the border between furniture and the wall is blurred and there is a feeling that the lockers are floating in the air.

LED strip can illuminate the floor, kitchen apron and even lockers.

If you hold a diode or LED tape around the perimeter of the room - at the top, you get an incredible effect of the ceiling going up. If you install this kind of lighting below, it will be not only beautiful, but at night a comfortable trip to the refrigerator will be guaranteed.

There is still a very interesting option for decorating the suspended ceiling with LED strip, which is mounted inside the structure, but in the kitchen these ceilings are not very practical.

4. Kitchen cabinets to the ceiling

The cabinet to the ceiling will become a lifesaver for a small kitchen area.

When small floor space naturally need to use vertical, and in full, without losing a centimeter. This will help you kitchen sets with the maximum height. That is, the higher the cabinet, the more efficiently you will be able to use the additional space that appears to store all kinds of kitchen utensils and food.

The streamlined shape of wall cabinets in bright colors will decorate the interior of a small kitchen.

The white glossy surface of the furniture to the ceiling visually increases the area of ​​a small kitchen.

And another important detail - a wardrobe to the ceiling will help create the illusion of a larger space, especially if you choose the right color for the furniture. For these purposes, light neutral tones are best suited preferably with glossy surfaces. The dark color and the matte facade of the furniture wall are too heavy on the already small space of your kitchen.

Interesting options for wall cabinets for a small kitchen.

The best option is if the uppermost tier is made in the form of a display case under glass, such a move will not only add air and beauty, but also greatly facilitate the entire structure.

5. Veiled hob

New technologies made it possible to create a hob integrated into the worktop.

This is from the series “what progress has reached”! Modern cooking surfaces have managed to integrate directly into the ceramic surface of the tabletop, which also serves as a table for preparing ingredients, and a stove for their preparation.

On a special ceramic tabletop you can cook food, chop vegetables, carve meat and even read books.

Thanks to the latest technologies, it was possible to create a special composition of ceramics, which is not at all afraid of scratches, bumps and cuts, which made it possible to remove the boundary between the usual working area and the cooking surface.

Combining a worktop with a hob will help save space for other necessary things.

The hob and control panel are mounted directly into the worktop.

In order to determine where the induction burners are located, the creators of this miracle installed laser pointers, and you can control them with special buttons that are engraved directly on the working surface of the table top.

6. Transforming table tops

In a small room it is rational to install furniture-transformer.

Retractable countertops are a very useful thing in a small kitchen. After all, it is very convenient to have a table and chairs, which as superfluous can simply be hidden in ... another table. Such modern furniture helps a lot when there’s absolutely no place to roam, in particular, the usability is pleasing.

Thanks to sliding systems and guides, such a table is easy to push and hide.

With a flick of the wrist, you need to pull the handle - an additional table or a small tabletop will simply move out of its vault. The size of such a sliding table, as a rule, is 45-50 centimeters, and this crumb can withstand a weight from 15 to 30 kilograms. It all depends on the quality of the material from which the headset is made, and on the strength of the sliding system and guides.

Interesting options for sliding tables-transformers for the dining area.

Naturally, such a small table will not be able to fit a large family during lunch, but for one or two people it will be enough. But the function of a coffee and tea table at friendly gatherings will perform perfectly, and as an additional working area it will be simply irreplaceable.

7. Dining Islet

The contemporary design of the dining area is in the midst of a tiny kitchen.

Dining area on the "island".

Very original and convenient, you can organize a dining space for eating or receiving guests using a narrow table or bar, which is better to install in the middle of the room. Not only is there a place for a family dinner, but there is also the opportunity to push chairs or stools under the tabletop.

Instead of a dining table, you can use the bar-transformer.

Compact dining tables in the interior of a small kitchen.

And a few more bonuses brings such a practical solution: the cooking zone expands and there is a place for storing kitchen utensils, which you have no place to go.

8. Choose a narrow dishwasher

A dishwasher can save both time and money.

Many will say that it is already overkill and great luxury to cram a dishwasher into a tiny kitchen, but this is not true. If you correctly approach the choice of model and at the same time make rational use of the kitchen space, then it is quite possible to establish such an assistant.

Compact dishwasher in the interior of a small kitchen.

For a small space, the ideal machine is 45 cm wide, which can hold up to 10 sets of crockery. Not only does the car organically fit into the available space, it is also very economical, which will have a positive impact on utility costs. Not to mention saving time and energy of the hostess.

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