Useful ideas

Useful tips that will be useful for all occasions


Household tricks invented in order to make life easier for people.

They are tested by the experience of many housewives and are guaranteed to work, saving time and energy that we spend on different things every day.

Today we will show you a list of 17 tricks to which you will find application at home.

17. Chalk to absorb odors

Hang a bag of chalk in your wardrobe so your clothes never smell bad. Mel perfectly absorbs odors and moisture.

16. Simple vacuum packaging

Vacuum-packed food stays fresh longer than just refrigerated, but if you don’t have a vacuum sealer, here’s an easy way. Put the food bag in a large bowl of water. The fluid pressure will force the air out. You just need to close or tie the package.

15. Cocktail straws for a bouquet

In order for the bouquet to look beautiful, the flowers in it must stand straight, without breaking apart into different directions. Put the soft stems of flowers such as, for example, tulips, in a drinking straw - and the issue is resolved.

14. Can opener for opening packages

How long it takes to suffer with plastic packaging, which is securely sealed from all sides! And especially for this case, we have the following trick: just take a canning knife and easily get the necessary thing.

13. Towel to speed drying

To speed up the drying of things, put a dry towel in the drum to wet things and turn on the spin mode.

12. Non-Blending Ice

If you feed a regular sponge with water, put it in a sealed bag and put it in the freezer, you will get a strong ice bag. When using water will not spread.

11. Coffee grounds for soil

If you like coffee and you have coffee leaves left behind, then it can make an excellent fertilizer. Sprinkle or add coffee grounds to the soil - and you will not be afraid of any parasites.

10. Cosmetic Cosmetic Stain Lotion

With the help of improper makeup remover you can remove makeup stains from your clothes: foundation, lipstick, mascara. If you dye your hair at home, make-up removal lotion will remove the dye from your skin.

9. Mattress to relax on the beach

Take a mattress pad or a sheet with elastic bands, fix the edges with bags or other suitable items, and a comfortable rest without hitting the sand is guaranteed.

8. Conditioner for washing brushes

Rinse the brushes in water with conditioner and let them dry naturally. Brushes will become much softer.

7. Sprinkler from the bottle

Everyone can easily make such a simple sprinkler quickly and easily at home. All you need is a regular plastic bottle and hose.

6. Green tea for plants

A weak solution of dried green tea can be used to water the plants every 4 weeks. 2-3 bags of tea will be enough for 10 liters of water.

5. WD-40 off stains on wood

Stains from coffee or tea on any wooden surfaces will not be a problem if you walk on them with a damp cloth moistened with WD-40.

4. Lipstick for healing

If a small cut is immediately smeared with a thin layer of hygienic lipstick, it will stop the blood, and the wound will heal very quickly.

3. Eco-conditioner

Residents of the small village of Dulatdia in Bangladesh invented a simple way that helps them get rid of the exhausting heat. The technology does not consume energy and uses plastic bottles.

2. Depilatory cream for foot care

Depilation cream perfectly softens the coarsened skin of the heels, and is also useful for manicure: it softens the cuticle well.

1. Paper from smells

Plastic food containers are porous, so they often retain odors even after washing. Store them by placing inside a crumpled sheet of black and white newspaper so that the paper absorbs odors. Rinse again before use.


But the advice often found on the Internet, how to open the lock, if there is no key, turned out to be a duck: not only does it not work, there is also a big risk of getting burned. Therefore, this trick is better not to repeat at home.