Useful ideas

8 non-standard home tips that will interest even experienced housewives


The house can not do without small household troubles. They arise suddenly, and it is not always possible to properly prepare for them.

This is the time to show imagination and ingenuity. Using the available tools, you can find a way out of almost any situation.

A selection of useful tips will throw a couple of great ideas that will be useful to anyone, even the most experienced hostess.

1. Quick elimination of leakage

Rubber gloves play the role of a gasket.

Is the tap or shower leaking, but there is no insulation tape? Not scary, there is no less simple and effective solution. Ordinary medical rubber gloves will come to the rescue. From them you need to cut off the narrow part, designed for the wrist. We disassemble the faucet in the place of leakage, wind some of the gloves there, and then spin it again. Thin rubber will replace the insulating tape and play the role of a sealing gasket.

2. Carpet Rescue

Let the effective tool do all the work for you.

Stains on the carpet - one of the most common problems for cleaning the house. Especially if these spots are oily, it is sometimes very difficult to choose an effective and low-cost remedy for them. And who likes to rub spots for half an hour? If you use food corn starch, you do almost nothing on your own. Sprinkle greasy stains and leave for 15-20 minutes. It absorbs all fluids, after which you just need to remove its remnants with a vacuum cleaner.

3. Detergent at minimum cost

Money is cheaper, and efficiency does not suffer at all.

For those who use a dishwasher, the lack of detergent tablets often becomes an unpleasant surprise. You can solve this problem even without going to the store, using scrap items that are almost always at home.

To create homemade tablets you need to mix a glass of soda, half a glass of salt, and the same amount of lemon juice. All components are thoroughly mixed and fill them with ice mold. Each cube is additionally rammed with a thumb. Freeze in the freezer. You can store such cubes as much as you need.

4. A terrible box with wires

The order in everything, even in trifles - a sign of the perfect cozy home.

In the world of information technology, the house is often filled with countless wires. They are kept in disarray, making it difficult to find other things and get lost in remote corners of the apartment. To always have quick access to them, you can use one simple trick. We fold each wire into a convenient hank and thread it into the remaining cardboard from toilet paper. On the sleeve for each wire you can make a signature - what it is for, then searches will be much faster.

5. Quick disposal of annoying insects

No buzzing and blinking before your eyes, just a clean house.

It is possible to drive away annoying flies, midges, wasps and other unpleasant inhabitants of a house or cottage without purchased means. It is enough to make a proven bait. Mix two tablespoons of sugar, two spoons of syrup and two more spoons of honey. First, mix the ingredients in a container, and then send it to the microwave for 45 seconds. This will be enough to melt the sweets and turn them into a liquid mixture. After it has cooled down a bit, prepare paper strips from any available objects and wet them in the syrup. We put one edge of the paper tape on a clip that will play the role of a hook. The insect trap is ready.

6. Perfectly clean glassware

Alkozeltser saves not only from a hangover.

Some glassware has a rather fancy shape. Especially different vases or bottles for storing liquids. To clean them sometimes becomes quite problematic. If inside access is closed, you can use effervescent tablets for cleaning. For example, aspirin or alkozeltser. Pour some liquid, throw the pill and shake the glass dish a little so that it is evenly cleaned.

7. Efficient stainless steel cleaning

Stainless steel cookware is a frequent guest in most kitchens.

Stainless steel has many advantages. The main ones are: durability, lack of rust, preservation of the original appearance, good heat conductivity. However, the fat on it accumulates very easily. To get rid of it and return the original luster to the dish, you need to use vinegar. Put the cleaned container on the stove, pour vinegar into it and bring to a strong boil. When all the fat is gone, remove from the stove and fall asleep with baking soda. With the help of a brush, we add shine and shine to the dishes.

8. Down with an unpleasant smell

Clean and pleasant aroma throughout the house.

To get rid of the unpleasant smell in the refrigerator or trash can, it is not necessary to spend money. It is enough to use the thicker remaining after the custard coffee. From it you need to drain the residual liquid, and then place it in paper napkins. The resulting bag with fragrant thick must be placed in the refrigerator. Within a few hours, there will be no trace of the unpleasant smell.