Useful ideas

We equip a small apartment without damage to the wallet: 20 accents that will be useful to everyone


Do not be afraid to use the elements of decor, if you are "lucky" to have small apartments.

It is good that you have them at all.

The main thing - to place accents correctly.

These 20 budget ideas of arrangement of the small-sized apartment will help to change a boring interior.

1. Metal shelf

An ordinary metal pipe can become an original shelf for towels and bath accessories.

2. Rack from the old ladder

A rack from an old staircase for books and other trifles will wonderfully complement the modern interior.

3. Shelves and shelves in country interiors

The metal shelf is an important part of the modern interior in deciding the planning of space and the implementation of storage ideas.

4. New life of old trolley

An old carriage in a modern interior of living rooms is not only comfortable, but also fashionable.

5. The space under the bed

Storage of things is often a problem, especially in small apartments.

6. Small office space

A small office space in a small apartment.

7. Practical solution for the kitchen

Light tile - one of the most practical solutions for finishing the kitchen space.

8. Universal color

Gray is not only the most fashionable, but also the most versatile color among the neutral gamut.

9. Wooden rack for cereals and preservation

A small wooden rack for cereals and preservation, which can be easily hidden behind the refrigerator.

10. Industrial style

The industrial style is an amazing opportunity to show the beauty of the natural texture of the material used.

11. Industrial style kitchen

The modern interior of the kitchen in this industrial style, which combines the seemingly unique elements, is admirable.

12. Small corner table

Corner table, which effectively optimizes the space in any small room.

13. Living room in bright colors

The modern idea of ​​a small living room design in bright colors.

14. Loft Kitchen

Additional tabletop, allows you to create additional working or dining area.

15. Cool idea that is useful to everyone.

A great option that allows you to unload kitchen cabinets and instantly restore order in the kitchen.

16. Accurate storage of cutlery

An excellent solution for those who do not want to clutter up, kitchen cabinets or wall cutlery.

17. Rack for bath accessories

In a small bathroom you need to rationally use every inch of free space.

18. Shelving in a niche

Small storage rack for bath accessories.

19. Bright bedroom

The interior of a bright bedroom, which is able to visually enlarge the space, does not lose its relevance.

20. Shelving with a separate work surface

A small white shelving with a separate work surface looks quite exotic and will be an excellent solution for a small apartment.