Useful ideas

Rescue tips on how to accelerate the collection of things and facilitate the move


Moving is a very tedious and traumatic experience. Especially if it occurs after long years of living in one place. He is heavily tolerated not only physically, but also morally.

Forgotten things, knocked edges, tangled wires ... A little pleasant. So why not make your life easier with the help of simple methods and improvised means? Selection of standing tips will help to save not only your favorite furniture and things, but also more valuable property - nerves.

1. Improved boxes

Small tricks will help ease any task.

For transportation of things most often used boxes. The most voluminous ones are quite problematic to carry without pens. To correct this little mistake, you can do them yourself, thereby greatly facilitating the transfer of any things. Using a clerical knife or scissors from two opposite sides in the box, in its upper part, we make small holes. Bend the notched cardboard inside. Now no torment.

2. Inconvenient furniture with handles

To transport furniture with handles is quite problematic, if you do not use a certain secret.

Almost all the furniture has any sticking handles. When moving it becomes an unpleasant problem. To cope with it, you need a screwdriver. With it, you can unscrew the handles and twist them in the inner part of the box. So they definitely will not suffer and will not deteriorate. As a temporary pen, you can use a piece of scotch, one part of which is fixed on the inside of the drawer, and the second one looks out.

3. Space saving

You can transport things in different ways.

A pile of boxes, bags, voluminous covers and organizers ... But there are usually not enough items for packaging. To cheat a little bit, you can put light things in furniture boxes. So they will take less space and at the same time will be securely packed. Saving time and effort will be available.

4. Scratch resistant

A little extra expenses as a result will save more money that might be needed for furniture repair.

It’s almost impossible to keep track of everything during the move. Therefore, some of the things, unfortunately, still suffer or deteriorate. The usual film will help to keep them in an integrity and safety. She needs to wrap the most valuable objects and furniture several times, especially its corners and legs.

5. Garbage bags

Trash bags are an important part of an easy move.

Quickly folded and unpacked on the trempelya help garbage bags. With their help, you can pack several things at once, which later will be easy to hang in a new wardrobe. Trash bags protect clothing from dust and dirt. And it is easy to tie them - there is a small hole for hooks at the top.

6. Double practicality

Fragile things require double attention.

Some clothes can be used to safely transport fragile items. Towels for the kitchen and bathroom, bathrobes, bed linen and other soft voluminous textile items are perfect for handling in boxes. They will protect fragile items from impact and damage, while they will also be transported compactly. An additional plus is saving money on bubble wrap or wrapping paper.

7. Many, many wires

There is an easy way to quickly figure out which wire to turn on.

Re-connect all the equipment with a bunch of similar wires - a complete torment. To avoid this problem, you need to perform one simple action in advance - take a picture of the correct connection of the wires. Then when you reinstall there will be no difficulty with the correct choice of connector for a wire. All connect correctly the first time thanks to a hint in the form of a smartphone.

8. All screws together

None will be lost and will not be superfluous.

If you have to disassemble the furniture, it is important not to lose a single necessary detail. Save all the screws and screws in one place will help vacuum bags with zip-tape. All contents will be safely hidden inside and will be handy when needed.

9. How to facilitate the analysis of things

Spending some extra time now can save a tremendous amount in the future.

We must not be lazy and provide all things with clear labeling. Make stickers with signatures or color symbols so that it is immediately clear what is inside the box, where it should be placed, where it should be laid out or stored.

10. Box of Essentials

The most important things need to be added separately.

Usually when moving to a new place of residence is very difficult to find the most necessary things. Looking for them takes a lot of time and effort. To prevent this, it is better to put all the most necessary things that will be needed immediately after entering a new apartment, in a separate box. They can be disassembled first. These include kitchen utensils for the first meal, medicine, change of clothes, hygiene products and similar things.