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Items made of natural wood, which will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort


To date, the market is represented by an infinite variety of materials from which to make furniture or decorative elements. But despite this, natural wood never goes out of fashion.

Such products bring comfort to the interior, and besides, they are completely harmless. This review contains 19 immaculate gizmos from natural wood, with which the room will be much more pleasant.

1. Swing

Swing in the Scandinavian style.

Simple and at the same time charming swing that you can do with your own hands, will become a romantic detail of the balcony, living room or porch. Especially harmoniously, such a swing will fit into the interior, decorated in the Scandinavian style.

2. Hanger

Hanger in the nursery.

Stylish outdoor wardrobe, made of large wooden posts and ropes, is perfect for storing children's clothes, shoes and children's toys.

3. Decorative detail

Natural wood in the interior of the nursery.

A piece of coarse raw wood can be used to create a creative wall composition, which will be an amazing part of the children's room.

4. Designer chair

Wooden designer chair.

An exclusive designer chair made of natural wood will surely appeal to all fans of eco-friendly, Scandinavian or rustic style.

5. Floor lamp

Floor lamp decorated with bark.

Round table and two benches.

From wooden planks you can make a massive round table and two semicircular benches. This set is perfect for arranging the backyard and will allow you to get a comfortable dining area.

7. Stand for wine

Wooden stand for wine.

From a small piece of dry wood can get a very original stand for wine bottles, which will become not only a functional part of the kitchen, but also a stylish decoration for it.

8. Dining area

Dining area of ​​the boards.

A retro-style dining area with a compact hanging table and two benches will complement the interior of a city or country kitchen.

9. Shelf for dishes

Wooden shelf for dishes.

A stylish and practical wooden shelf with space for plates and cups is a beautiful and functional decoration of one of the walls of the catering unit.

10. Open lockers

Lockers from wooden boxes.

Ordinary wooden boxes can be used to create very nice open cabinets that bring a touch of rustic, rustic style to the interior.

11. Easy chair

Armchair of wooden beams.

A massive armchair made of coarse wooden beams with a soft mattress in a cover made of natural fabric will undoubtedly win the hearts of all lovers of comfort and bring an atmosphere of warmth and comfort to the interior.

12. Asymmetric table

Multi-level wooden table.

The magnificent asymmetrical table, assembled from massive decks of different sizes, will become the focal center of the living room, decorated in a rustic, Scandinavian, rustic or bohemian style.

13. Partition

A partition from a natural tree.

A partition made of coarse wooden bars with holes, equipped with lighting and decorated with live plants, will help to zone living space and become a spectacular interior detail.

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14. Table top

Worktop of rough wood.

To transform the old kitchen set will help the new tabletop of rough wood, covered with a thin layer of varnish.

15. TV area

Decor TV area.

Wooden boards can be used to create a spectacular TV area. Just attach them to the wall behind the TV to focus on this important detail of the living room.

16. Bed in the bathroom

Wooden dresser in the bathroom.

An elegant dark wood cabinet with an original mirror will be an amazing detail of the interior of a modern bedroom.

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17. Dining table

Dining table made of wood and stones.

Dining table, made of metal, wood and small pebbles, looks like a work of art and will easily become the main detail of a modern dining room.

18. Shelves

Shelves of coarse wood.

Decorate the walls of the kitchen, decorated in the Scandinavian, rustic or rustic style will help wide shelves of rough raw wood.

19. Chandelier

Lamps in wooden frames.

Lamps in laconic wooden frames look very stylish and perfectly fit into the interior of any room.

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