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How to extend the life of the kitchen countertops: 7 tips with which the surface will stand any test


Kitchen tables every day withstand many tests - from cooking to family dinners.

Because the table tops need to properly care.

There are some secrets that will help extend their life and keep an attractive look. All the tricks are very simple and require minimal effort.

1. Use only suitable cleaning products.

When choosing a cleaning agent, follow the recommendations of the furniture manufacturer.

Do not believe everything you read on the Internet. The best tool for cleaning the tabletop is recommended by the manufacturer, and not the one that the unknown housewife writes about in the blog. You can, of course, rub the surface with anything from lemon juice to a cut apple, but sometimes such experiments can lead to irreversible consequences. The chemical composition is of great importance, because carefully read the instructions for the care of your furniture. In this case, you will be sure that you will not harm it when cleaning and you will not get terrible spots and stains that are difficult to scrub.

2. Clean properly

Spots on the table - an unacceptable thing for a neat hostess.

On kitchen countertops often spill liquid, from milk and soda water to hot soup. If this happens, wipe away the spray or puddle as quickly as possible. Remember that some substances, such as coffee and wine, can leave color stains. Your countertops will also benefit from daily cleaning using a soft solution of water and a few drops of dish soap. Place it in a spray bottle, sprinkle it on the surface, wipe it with a clean, damp cloth and dry it with a soft towel. Do not miss the last part: drying will help prevent stains from hard water.

3. Do not allow chemicals to enter.

Protect the countertop from the ingress of aggressive chemicals in order not to get ugly stains.

Cook only with the use of a cutting board.

Some kitchen tables are so durable that it is tempting to decompose products and cook directly on them. However, in this case, you can easily scratch any, even the most reliable countertop. Be sure to use a chopping board when you chop onions, cut greens or bread. Today you can find any options for these devices, ranging from natural wood to tempered glass. If there are already scratches, you can try to grind them. Consider that materials such as granite or quartz are more resistant to mechanical stress, but if damage has already appeared, it is impossible to remove them.

5. Keep towels and coasters handy

Hot dishes should not touch the surface of the kitchen table: coasters are required.

Although modern countertops are trying to make heat-resistant, none of them will not carry a hot frying pan, just removed from the stove. This can lead to terrible consequences: the material can burn and crack, and some surfaces may become discolored. Yes, a natural stone, such as granite, will withstand a hot pot for a short time - a few seconds. But then, too, covered with cracks. Always use a stand or towel to prevent direct contact between the heated object and the table top. And also be careful when you pour boiling water into the sink, because it can change its shape, and hot drops will ruin the furniture next to it.

6. Do not get up feet

Using a table instead of a ladder, sofa or chair is dangerous not only for the tabletop, but also for the person.

We sometimes use the tabletop as a step in order to get to the highest shelves of the cabinet. Some people like to sit on the table while talking on the phone or having a friendly meeting. Yes, if you have a tabletop made of quartz or similar material, such actions are unlikely to be damaged. But granite due to natural cracks passing through the stone, can be quite weak in some places and can crack under excess weight. You shouldn’t even write about worktops made of chipboard or natural wood - they should be treated very carefully. In addition, in any case, the use of a solid ladder is a safer option.

7. Additional security measures

Treat kitchen furniture with care, and it will serve you for many years.

Never leave sharp objects, knives and forks on the chipboard worktop, so as not to cover the surface with small scratches. Water and food particles penetrate into inconspicuous holes, as a result, the material swells and warps. There is not only a cosmetic defect, but also an unpleasant, rotten smell. If you need to attach a manual meat grinder or other equipment, be sure to use special pads, in their absence a regular towel will do. Regardless of what material is applied to the kitchen countertop, protect it from prolonged exposure to moisture, do not float abrasive cleaners, hard metal sponges and brushes.