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10 convenient kitchen gadgets that will make life easier for all hostesses


Recently, there are more and more "smart" devices designed to make life easier in the kitchen.

A bag sealer, a keeper of freshness for greens, a jug telling about milk spoilage - all this, and much more awaiting housewives on the shelves of stores.

So that you are not confused in all the variety of new products, we have gathered for you 13 of the most creative, convenient and functional assistants in the kitchen.

1. Measuring spoon with digital display

A spoon with a digital display provides maximum dosage accuracy.

Not all dishes can be cooked "by eye". Many of them, especially confectionery, need precise dosages. Of course, for these purposes you can use electronic scales or a special measuring cup, but such devices are not always convenient to use. That is why a measuring spoon with a digital display was created. It provides maximum accuracy and can weigh everything from sugar, flour, and ending with butter, milk. The device is very roomy, but there is a weight limit of 300 grams. However, for the spoon - this is a very impressive indicator.

Interesting fact: Measuring spoons with a digital display show weight not only in grams, but also in ounces and feet.

2. Scissors for cutting pizza

Scissors for cutting pizza allow you to cut a smooth, neat piece.

Pizza has become so popular in Russia that it can well be considered a national dish. Given this fact, the manufacturers decided to create scissors for neat pizza slicing. If earlier with one awkward movement of the knife we ​​could spoil the beautiful appearance of the dish, then now nothing threatens the delicacy. Miracle device is equipped with a triangular stand, which serves as a cutting board. It "dives" under the delicacy, so that you become the owner of an even and neat slice of pizza.

3. Spoon for dipping cookies

The dispenser will cut the pieces of butter you want.

When there is no time to cook a full breakfast, a butter sandwich comes to the rescue. To make it as beautiful, accurate and tasty as possible, a special dispenser was created for this dairy product. The device allows you to cut the butter into thin and even pieces, so you do not need a knife. The main plus of the dispenser is that you can independently choose the proportions of the product that you get at the outlet. After you specify the desired weight of the oil, the dispenser will grind it into neat slices of the size you need. The remaining product can be beautifully stored in the device, awaiting the next meal. The main thing - to put the dispenser in the fridge so that the oil does not deteriorate.

5. Mug with temperature sensor

Mug with a temperature sensor will protect against burns.

Each person has their own preferences regarding the temperature of the drink consumed. Someone likes to drink tea, which has just been brewed, and someone prefers to put the cup away and wait until it cools down completely. Alas, it is not always possible to accurately calculate the temperature parameters and bring your favorite drink to perfection. Therefore, if you are very sensitive to the concepts of "hot" and "cold", buy a ceramic mug "Tank up mug". The main advantage of the device is that it is equipped with a thermal sensor and can display the current temperature "online". Having such a device at hand, you can, firstly, protect yourself from a possible burn, and, secondly, control the rise and fall of degrees.

6. Lemon Spray

Lemon spray will help you quickly get the juice from any citrus fruits.

This device is designed specifically for lovers of tea with lemon and salad salads, seasoned with lemon juice. An unusual spray will help in a matter of seconds to get the juice from any citrus fruit, whether it is lemon, orange or grapefruit. The sprinkler is inserted directly into the pulp of the fruit, after which you can immediately add the resulting juice to the desired dish or drink. A big plus of the device is that it is made from safe food-grade plastic, so that the extracted liquid does not oxidize. In addition, during the operation all the vitamins that are part of citrus fruits are saved. Spray very ergonomic and convenient to use. It is also equipped with a small stand, so you can put it on the table, without worrying that the device will turn over.

7. Chopping board with drawer-pallet

In the box-pallet, you can both stack waste and place ready-made pieces of vegetables there.

All housewives are accustomed to the fact that during the cutting of vegetables and fruits a huge amount of excess waste is formed, which interfere with work. For this reason, you have to constantly be distracted to throw them in the trash. To save time and nerves, you can purchase a special cutting board, equipped with a tray-box. All the wastes will fall into it: husks, rind, seeds and so on. When the box is full, it can be easily reached to discard unnecessary garbage. By the way, some housewives use a similar board for other purposes - they put there already crushed products, which are then poured into a saucepan, pan or plate.

8. Portable USB Heater for Mug

USB mug heater will help to avoid cooling the beverage.

Probably in every person’s life at least once there was a situation when he brewed tea or coffee for himself, and then forgot about it. In order not to warm up the drink in the microwave or, even worse, not to pour it into the sink, you can buy a special heating pad that can bring the temperature up to 50 degrees. It connects to a laptop or computer via USB-port. The device looks very funny and is an appetizing cookie. A nice bonus is that the drink will be in a heated state just as much as you want - the stand retains heat for an unlimited amount of time.

9. Garbage can with cooling option

The cooling option in the bin will help eliminate unpleasant odors.

This is certainly not a "smart" bucket from Xiaomi, which you could read about in past materials, but also deserves close attention. The device was created to prevent unpleasant aromas from your kitchen, and you didn’t have to hide trash under the sink, so that its appearance and smell did not spoil the atmosphere. The essence of the gadget is simple: low temperature eliminates the unpleasant "darling", due to the fact that it inhibits the growth of bacteria. This is made possible by the presence in the bucket of a UV lamp for the destruction of microorganisms. The fixture is very easy both in care and in operation.

10. Float for the pan

The float for the pan is useful to the hostesses, who often forget about the broth on the stove.

A pot float is a real find for housewives who are used to doing several things at the same time. In order not to lose precious time, they combine cleaning, cooking, washing and other household trifles. However, sometimes such a parody of Caesar ends pitifully, especially if you put broth on the stove, and in the whirlpool of worries you forgot about it. As a result, one has to spend time not only on washing the stove, but also on preparing a new base for soup or borscht.

If you are tired of this situation, then go to the store for a device called "BoilBuoy". It is a classic float that fits in the pan. While the liquid heats up, the device quietly floats to itself, but as soon as the mixture boils, the float “screams”. Ignore such a loud sound will not work even if you vacuum, so with such an acquisition you can not worry about the fact that you run away broth.

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