Useful ideas

Practical storage ideas to help clean up the kitchen


Chaos in the kitchen is a real nightmare for housewives.

Most often, the main reason for this is the lack of storage space for kitchen utensils and products.

How to organize storage in the kitchen to forget about annoying mess forever? We share the latest ideas, thanks to which the kitchen will become even more convenient.

1. Comfortable hinged ceilings

Functional hanging storage systems for the kitchen.

If the finished kitchen furniture does not have enough storage space, then suspended ceilings will help solve the problem. Thanks to them, the necessary items will always be at hand.

2. Practical narrow box

Convenient retractable storage system for the kitchen.

Vertical storage compartments are needed in every kitchen. They take up little space, but help organize storage of lids from kitchen utensils and cutting boards.

3. Cache for household appliances

Storage of kitchen appliances.

The space under the wall cabinets is often empty. So why not cover the free space with a small door, organizing the storage of small household appliances there?

4. Double drawer for dishes

Convenient drawer for kitchen utensils.

This double box allows you to separately store pans and covers from them. Finding the right pair is now not difficult, and in the bottom drawer will become more spacious.

5. Breadbasin in the worktop

Unusual bread box.

A bread box built into the countertop is an unusual solution that will free up some space in the kitchen and allow the bread to stay fresh longer.

6. Spacious wicker baskets

Storage baskets in the kitchen.

Open shelves in the kitchen may not look tidy enough. To solve this problem, use wicker baskets of the right size.

7. Open box for vegetables and fruits

Storage in a wooden box.

Such a storage system, which is easy to do it yourself, will perfectly fit into a kitchen decorated in country style. It is made of several pallets or boxes.

8. Rack for small items

Rack for storage in the kitchen.

Chaotic things lying in the kitchen, which are often a lot, create a mess. But, stacked in a small open shelving, they can become a kitchen décor.

9. Perforated cookware panel

Storage of kitchen utensils.

A perforated panel with hooks inserted into it will help solve the problem of rational use of the inside of kitchen drawers. It can also be attached to the wall.

10. To increase the volume of the refrigerator.

Additional storage systems in the refrigerator.

If the refrigerator is sorely lacking in space, then the hinged drawers, which are attached to its shelves, will help.

After all, even in a filled refrigerator, the place under the shelves is most often empty.

11. Boxes in a box

Box, divided into sections.

So that the items of different sizes lying in the same box do not mix, divide it into sections. You can use small partitions of thick plastic or find boxes of suitable size.

12. Pyramid of containers

Practical use of plastic containers.

To make the desired product easy to find, use containers of different sizes in the kitchen. So do not have to revise all the containers standing in the same box.

13. Multifunctional shelves

Shelves with hooks.

Kitchen walls are most often empty. Hang on them a few small shelves, providing them with hooks. This will solve the problem of storing the necessary details in the kitchen.

14. Soaring food cans

Storage of bulk products.

Rational use of the lower part of the shelves can be, if attached to her screw cap from cans. Make it work with construction glue or screws.

15. Products at a glance

Banks with transparent covers in a box.

A bank or containers with transparent lids, put in a box, will solve the problem of a long search for the right products.