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Pantry ideas in the house: how to organize an indispensable room


A storage room is exactly that room, the importance of which is invaluable in every home.

In some typical projects, the availability of storage space is provided at the design stage.

To prevent the apartment from being turned into a cluttered room, you can store seasonal items, construction tools, and household appliances in the pantry room.

Where to equip the pantry

Closet located under the stairs

A small closet will even allow you to have a washing machine.

Storeroom in the kitchen

It is not scary if you are unlucky with the layout, and such a multifunctional room is not provided in the house or basement. You can build a storeroom with your own hands; there are numerous master classes with photos on the Internet. There are several options for this.

  • If there is an opportunity to allocate a few square meters in the apartment under the closet, then after working a bit on the design, you will get the perfect utility room.

Rack around the door to the pantry

Storeroom in the interior of a classic style

  • By reducing the length of the corridor (if space permits), you can equip a complete utility room by making a plasterboard partition with a built-in door.
  • In many typical projects, niches are foreseen, which do not require redevelopment. Arranging if you wish a sliding door, you hide the shelves in the closet, remove them from sight.

Niche for storage

Niche with a sliding door looks very nice

  • Another option, though not entirely successful, but suitable in a hopeless situation: by constructing shelves for the pantry above the door, you unload the kitchen from unnecessary cans and boxes.
  • Quite often for these purposes they use the basement of an apartment building.

Hidden door leading to the pantry

The closet, located behind the furniture wall

Kitchen with storage room

Pantry device

In a private house there are more opportunities to turn around, but having allocated a place for a pantry, every detail needs to be thought out, since the area in the apartment is limited, it must be used to the maximum. The most rational is the equipment shelves, which will avoid the accumulation of various objects. The main thing - when choosing a material for the pantry design, it is necessary to take into account the expected load on the shelves in the apartment.

White color will make the storeroom more spacious.

Special retractable baskets for food storage

If the pantry has enough space, then the equipment with racks is the most profitable solution. Only, mastering such a structure, it is worth considering the following factors:

  • weight and dimensions of stored items;
  • section sizes to avoid deflection of the shelves under the pressure of the load;
  • the width of the shelves in the manufacture of their own hands must be calculated taking into account the free space for passage.

Niche in the kitchen with hinged doors


Small pantry can be equipped with drawers-drawers

Storage rooms were provided next to the bedroom in apartments Khrushchev. In this case, it is convenient to make an opening between the bedroom and the utility room, and install a partition in the corridor with your own hands, leaving an additional niche for the built-in wardrobe. Thus, the pantry on the side of the corridor will be designed for everyday objects, and the space in the bedroom can carry the function of a dressing room. A good visual example of this design will serve numerous photos on the Internet. Another type of layouts provided storage rooms in Khrushchev houses passages, which were also a vestibule. In this case, the storage room can be divided into two parts - it will turn out in the back room in the bedroom and corridor, you can close one doorway, leaving the entrance from the room.

If the area of ​​the bedroom allows, with the help of a partition in it you can organize a dressing room

Storeroom Repair

Repair of the pantry, where the largest number of little-used items are collected and stored, is sometimes simply necessary. This is due to the fact that the pantry is a kind of dust collector. The extent of the repair depends on its purpose. Think about what kind of things it is meant for. The design of the pantry is also of considerable importance.

Small but very convenient storage room

Classic style pantry

Stylish closet disguised as a kitchen cupboard

Tip! To avoid the appearance of mice and other pests, especially in the basement, protect the ventilation openings with a grid with small cells and do not forget to clean it.

The material for finishing the ceiling and walls can serve as drywall. But more practical is the use of durable plastic panels that are easily wiped with a dry cloth and washed with water. For the floor we use linoleum or tile, and the doors must be in harmony with the main interior of the room.

Semicircular pantry looks very impressive


Having already planned storeroom, it is not difficult to retool it with your own hands. To begin, free the room or niche from everyday things, update the interior trim and doors. The most economical in time and means of wallpapering, but more practical is the finish with plastic panels. As a visual aid, browse through the photo collection.

Wardrobe, made in the same style as the bedroom

Gorgeous glass wardrobe

There are two options to choose from. The easiest way to install a wardrobe (in this case, it is enough to use an inexpensive material for decoration). The second method involves making shelves and hangers with your own hands. For shoes, make a special stand, for top hats, fix the shelves, and store outerwear on a horizontal bar. You can buy specially designed for this purpose dressing pipes, which are attached mounting. Not bad, if the dressing room from the pantry will be additionally equipped with drawers for small accessories. Decorate the inner surface of the door with a mirror. If you want an open option, you will have to spend time on dismantling the partition and remove the door, and then the storage room will turn into a full-fledged dressing room.

Stylish built-in wardrobe in the pantry room

Drawers for small accessories - an indispensable element of any dressing room

Shelves and hangers with their own hands

Arranging the storage of things from the pantry in the old Khrushchev, you can equip one wall along the entire length of shelves and hangers or shelves, and the design of the pantry to start with its door, the highlight of which will be a mirror or stained glass design. As an instruction on how to make a pantry, look at the photos in the furniture catalogs.

Utility room in the basement

Some basements allow you to arrange a pantry room in them

The basement in a multi-storey building is also used for storing food and little-used things. Thanks to this, it is possible to partially unload the storage room in your apartment and free up additional space for other purposes. Storage in such a part of the building requires a special approach. Depending on the temperature regime (heated or cold), the basement requires special finishing. On the Internet you can find step-by-step photos of repair and finishing works with your own hands. The rest of the basement is equipped similarly to the apartment storeroom: shelves, racks, drawers, hangers and the design itself - this is an individual solution.

Utility room in the basement

So, before wondering how to make a pantry, decide where you can afford to equip a storage room. And if there is one, how to use it most rationally.

Most practical to arrange a pantry near the kitchen

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