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7 things that need to be done in the fall, so as not to overpay for a "communal" in the winter


Summer is over, autumn is in full swing. For the owner of a house or apartment, this is the last chance to prepare for real frosts.

If you do not want to spend more than you need during the heating season, several things should be done to prevent the loss of such heat in the dwelling.

And it is not only about your own wallet, but also about how warm and comfortable the apartment will be this winter.

1. Heat reflecting screen behind the battery

The first thing recommended to do in the apartment and house.

The first thing to do in the house behind each battery is to make a heat-reflecting screen out of a suitable material. If you buy materials, you will have to spend 1-2 thousand rubles. You can also make a screen from what is already at hand, for example, from foil, penofola or polyrex.

2. Temperature controllers

Very useful thing.

Thermostatic heads should be placed on all the batteries in the house. One such will cost 500-1000 rubles. You can install on your own. The bottom line is that this head allows you to adjust the heat consumption. It will also relieve the owners of the need to open the window during the thaw.

3. Warming the balcony

Balcony must also be prepared for the winter.

Warming the balcony will solve several problems at once. First, the warmed balcony will lose much less heat. Secondly, such a balcony is better protected from noise from the street. Considering all this, the functionality of this room in an apartment can increase significantly, for example, you can make a room on the balcony.

4. Door insulation

It is better to call specialists.

But to warm the doors better to attract specialists. A well-prepared winter door raises the temperature in the apartment by a few degrees.

5. Energy-saving film on the windows

Useful will be in winter and summer.

If the house is modern plastic windows, then the windows should be applied energy-saving film. She, in turn, will reduce heat loss in winter, prevent the formation of ice, and in the summer will filter out infrared radiation from the sun's rays, lowering the temperature of the air in the apartment.

6. Individual heat meter

If everything is done, put another counter.

This step makes sense only if all of the above has been done. This procedure will cost 5-10 thousand rubles. It will take a lot of time, but later it will save many years.

7. Insulate the entire facade

Why not?

If the neighbors are not indifferent, you can organize the tenants of your house to warm the entrance. We are talking about the insulation of the facade, roof and front door. As a result, the whole house will be warmer.