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16 fashionable gizmos that will help recognize those whose housing is in trend


16 fashionable gizmos that will help recognize those whose housing is in trend

Every year, designers dictate new rules regarding the arrangement of interiors, offering original and memorable decor items.

Of course, the good old classics will never go out of style and we do not impose our opinion, but 16 things from our today's material are worth paying attention to.

1. Designer table

Designer table in industrial style.

A unique designer table in industrial style, made of concrete, will be a spectacular detail of a modern interior.

2. bike rack

Interior stand for the bike.

In the modern world, a bicycle can be not only a means of transportation, but also a decoration of an apartment. True for this you need to find a suitable stand. The editors recommend to pay attention to the non-standard version of wood, which will help not only to fix the vehicle, but also to zone the living space.

3. Car

Car in the interior.

The main highlight of this modern interior has become a brilliant blue car. Such a non-standard solution is the embodiment of the dreams of every man.

4. Chair

Futuristic chair.

Futuristic chair, the seat of which resembles a dangerous snake, ready to attack. Separate attention deserves the finish. Natural fabric and noble color, makes this chair comfortable and very elegant.

5. Coffee table

Neat coffee table.

A neat coffee table, made mostly of light wood, with side panels sheathed in cloth and a whole set of connectors, starting with a regular USB and ending with AUX.

6. Sink

Sink in the style of minimalism.

This sink is not like the ones we used to see in homes and shops. The minimalistic design, the use of such luxurious material as glass and marble make it truly magnificent. In addition, he admires the way of fixing the sink: a glass bowl, as if walled in a suspended cube of marble.

7. Shelf

A shelf of skateboards.

The original shelf for books or shoes made from skateboarding, will be a great addition to the youth apartment. It is worth noting that if you yourself once were fond of this type of transport and you have some unnecessary skateboards, you can try and make a shelf with your own hands.

8. Armchair

Designer chair.

Take a closer look at this chair and you will notice that its outlines look like a curved female back, and the seat looks exactly like a lacing of a corset. In our opinion, the product looks original and does not look like the classic versions of the seats.

9. Grand piano

Futuristic red piano.

And again the unusual kind of familiar thing. This time it’s about the piano. We are all accustomed to associate this thing with maturity, elegance and classics in all its manifestations. Not surprisingly, this red copy with a futuristic design has become a real break in the pattern.

Note: The inventor of the piano was the court master Bartolomeo Cristofori from Italy. This event occurred in 1709. The new instrument was created like an existing harpsichord, but with a different volume level. During the 19th century, the instrument was transformed and improved, but its appearance has never changed drastically.

10. Eco-shelf

Eco-style shelf.

Modern designers draw inspiration from nature and are simply obsessed with eco-style. A vivid example is this wooden, uneven shelf decorated with miniature tree figures.

11. Sofa transformer

A sofa that can be transformed at its own discretion.

Transforming furniture has already managed to catch the fancy of the modern consumer with its versatility. This bright salad color sofa is no exception. It consists of a set of blocks that can be raised and turned at their discretion.

12. Stool


A modern stool, similar to an accordion, is made of dense, but flexible material that can move after the body of the person sitting on it, perfectly fit into the interior of a modern apartment, office or bar.

13. Stairs

Ladder with a hill.

The staircase should be not only comfortable, but also fun - sure the designers who created this work of art. The curved staircase is made of light wood and is complemented by a slide intended for those who have no desire to walk up the steps.

14. Chest

Bright designer chest.

What should a modern dresser look like? Yes, whatever you like, as long as it is bright and unusual. For example, such as in the photo above. The given example has a narrow low construction and inserts from green glass.

15. Light

A ray of light.

This modern lamp is called the "Ray of Light", and all thanks to the yellow shelf, which is part of this product. The shelf has a flexible design that allows you to mount it in different ways depending on the placement of the lamp itself.

16. Sofa cloud

Sofa in the form of a cloud.

A designer sofa that not only looks like a cloud, but also feels that way. High-quality materials allowed to make it so soft and pleasant to the touch that you do not want to get up from it.