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Bad taste and coarseness: what mistakes should be avoided during the renovation of the bathroom


For most of us, the bathroom is the most private place where you can just relax and be alone with your thoughts. And everyone wants to see her not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

Therefore, deciding to repair in the bathroom, you need not only to think through every detail and be prepared for large wastes, but also try to avoid typical mistakes that, over time, will increasingly not only remind of themselves, but also lead to undesirable consequences.

The bathroom should please not only a beautiful interior, but also comfort.

The main part of typical houses has small bathrooms, well, and if it is also combined, then problems cannot be avoided. Therefore, when starting to repair, it is advisable not only to think about the color scheme of the tile, but also about choosing the right bathroom fixtures, organizing storage places and all the necessary communications.

In order for the repair to succeed and please with your result, it is better to avoid the following most common mistakes.

1. Incorrect installation and connection

To install plumbing and electrical appliances, it is better to invite experts.

Of course, no one doubts that you are the master of all trades, but the bathroom is the place where you need to measure and think a hundred times before changing or conducting new communications yourself! After all, if you are doing a major overhaul with the replacement of plumbing, pipes and electrical wiring, or installing additional items and electrical appliances, then such work should be performed by qualified specialists in order to avoid leaks, short circuits and similar troubles in the future.

2. Desire to hide everything forever

All communications can be cleverly hidden with a sliding door.

You can install a cabinet behind the toilet.

Therefore, try to veil all the important components with the help of removable panels or opening doors, so that there is free access, moreover, of the right size, and not a small window, that even a hand will not crawl through.

3. Irrational planning

Low shelves can cause injury.

Before you radically change or just do a permutation in the bathroom, do not forget about the rational use of the entire area. To do this, you can use a simple drawing room or any online program. Such a move will save you from surprises at the final stage of the placement of all purchased plumbing and furniture.

Do not install towel holders away from the bath or shower.

Do not forget about the height of the wall cabinets and shelves, be sure to consider the growth of family members, as well as the reach of the most necessary items. So that not only do not hit your head on the lockers or your knees on the toilet, but after bathing, do not reach for the other end of the room to get a towel.

4. Austerity

Poor quality ceramics subject to splitting.

Savings are good, but not the case with the bathroom. After all repair in it, it is the real construction with removal of bathroom equipment, a tile and all being furniture, and also replacement of communications. Therefore, saving on some of the above, in the future, even greater costs are possible to eliminate the oversight made during the repair.

Save on taps and mixers can not be, the consequences can be dire.

After all, the low quality of materials or components, not to mention the plumbing and faucets, is always fraught with unpleasant surprises.

Be sure to use only those finishing materials and components for the installation of heating and lighting devices that are intended for use in wet areas.

For repair work it is necessary to invite qualified craftsmen.

And most importantly, if you use the services of masters, then carefully check their reputation, because the wrong connections, installation or finishing can ruin even the most expensive plumbing, household appliances and facing materials.

5. Lumbering

It would not want to squeeze everything, better think, is it necessary!

Even if you really want to squeeze into a small bathroom with a jacuzzi or at the worst, a bidet, it is better not to rush to think whether these blessings of civilization are needed in such a tiny room. After all, in the end you will be very uncomfortable to move or even have to give up something more necessary.
You can not clutter up the space, because the problems will begin immediately, especially in small or elderly family members.

Bulky furniture can be replaced by a more compact one.

Compact furniture in the interior of the bathroom.

With small areas, it is better to think about placing a washing machine in the kitchen, replacing the bathroom with a shower or removing a bulky closet than filling the entire useful area and obstructing movement.

6. Tile everything

You should not tile everything, especially in one tone.

Of course, the most suitable material for finishing works in the bathroom is a tile, but it must be used within reasonable limits and try to choose its color and texture so as to visually enlarge a small area.

Interesting options for the use of ceramic tiles in the bathroom.

Design tips that are simply capable of working wonders will help to properly address this issue.

Competent design is able to visually increase the size of the bathroom.

The bathroom can be visually increased using properly laid tiles.

7. Not enough storage systems

Lack of shelves does not solve the problem of littering at all.

Many believe that the less you hang the shelves, the more space there will be for placing jars, bottles and bubbles.

Use all niches and curves for installing storage systems.

Drawers are more convenient to use.

Try to use all surfaces to install storage systems.

So that the only regiment does not overgrow with all this good, it is better to find the best storage option using the most practical and concise models of lockers, sliding or folding systems.

8. Be always in trend.

Although such a washstand and take very little space, but the water will be everywhere.

Of course, one should follow fashion trends, but only from a practical point of view. After all, no one will change the bored tile in six months or reinstall the sink from which the water spills onto the floor. Before you believe the marketing tricks, consider whether you need a mixer and a shower with a bunch of unnecessary functions, and sometimes not always convenient for everyday use.

Fashionable colors can quickly get bored or simply become obsolete.

Bathroom design in pastel colors, always a winning option.

If you want something bright, install the shelves, you can always change them.

9. Poor lighting

Insufficient lighting will hide all the beauty of your interior.

Lovers to relax in the bathroom with a muffled light, of course, can be annoying bright light. But such holidays of the soul are rarely arranged, but you need to wash, apply makeup or shave every day and with such lighting it is unlikely.

The delimitation of lighting zones, will satisfy all family members.

Therefore, it is better to distinguish between the lighting zone, so that for all occasions useful. And another important aspect of properly selected and organized lighting is aesthetic.

Thanks to this lighting will not even very expensive tiles become special.

Bathroom lighting using modern technology.

After all, no expensive plumbing, tile or accessories will not help decorate your room in dim lighting.

10. Lack of ventilation

Lack of ventilation always causes mold and mildew.

Properly installed forced ventilation will prevent mold and keep you healthy.

This important aspect of the organization of the bathroom must be remembered first of all, moreover, at the initial stage of repair, in order to install the fan in the right place and according to all the rules. After all, constant humidity is the most optimal atmosphere for the formation of mold and mildew, which not only spoils the aesthetic appearance, but also adversely affects the health of all family members.

11. Selecting the location of the tray for animals

Use special closed systems instead of a tray.

As a rule, trays for their pets are placed in the toilet, it is very practical, but ... we should not forget about the health of family members. After all, microbes that live in huge quantities under the rim of the toilet bowl, can calmly fill the air in the apartment, so the door to the toilet room should be kept closed.

Arrange a secluded spot in the hallway or bathroom.

Try moving it to the bathroom or in the hallway, just experiment and you will succeed.

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