Useful ideas

Design tricks: 20 ideas to help transform any room


As they say, the truth lies in the details. The same statement can be applied to the interior.

After all, when you want to change something around you, you do not need to completely replace the furniture or repaint the walls.

Sometimes it is enough to add only a few accents. It is about them that will be discussed in our today's material.

1. Technologies of the future

High-tech designer bed, which is equipped with a built-in stereo system, adjustable mattress and a large plasma screen.

2. Shower cubicle with neon lights

A shower with bright neon lights is able to charge with energy and great mood for the whole coming day.

3. Floor lamp made of natural wood

Designer floor lamp of unusual shape made of natural wood, which can be made by hand.

4. Handmade wooden lamp

Modern floor lamp, which will become the central attraction of any room.

5. Modern stereo system

A modern audio system will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of music and movies.

6. Projector for home theater

A modern home cinema projector is a device that can completely replace the plasma screen.

7. Stone spherical candlesticks

Spherical candlesticks from a natural stone which will ideally fit into a country and ecostyle.

8. Candlesticks from old ladies

An inspiring example, turning old kitchen utensils into stylish candle holders.

9. Ceiling "Starry Sky"

The ceiling, covered with stars, always fascinated and helped to create a fabulous atmosphere.

10. 3D wall paper

3D wallpaper will create an unusual and unique interior even in a small room.

11. Contrast wall in the interior

Accent 3D wall is a win-win technique that will help create the perfect interior in the living room.

12. Natural stone in the living room

Decorating the wall in the living room with natural stone.

13. Energy stone in the interior

The stone in the interior of the living room is able to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

14. Natural wool in the living room

An example of how wool can complement the interior of the living room in ecostyle.

15. Natural materials

The use of natural materials in the interior will create a special sophisticated style.

16. Coffee table made of wood

Coffee table, which can be easily created from sawn raw wood.

17. Coffee table from wooden cubes

Modern country style coffee table made of large wooden cubes.

18. A natural stone tabletop

The original table top made of natural stone is a durable, durable and luxurious element of decor.

19. Candlesticks from wooden cuts

From wooden cuts you can easily create original candlesticks that fit in almost any modern interior.

20. LED chandelier

Unusual LED chandelier that will create a light and romantic lighting.