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9 mistakes in the planning of the kitchen, which are better to see in the photo than to repeat yourself


If you ask your friends what their favorite room in an apartment is, then 8 out of 10 will answer exactly what a kitchen is. And this is not surprising, because people spend most of their “home” life here. That is why it is very important that this room is as comfortable as possible, comfortable, functional and, most importantly, easy to clean.

Alas, when planning the kitchen, many problems are usually allowed, which can later lead to a persistent feeling of discomfort and frequent cleaning. So if suddenly you decide to place the stove near the refrigerator, and put linoleum on the floor, then this article is for you.

1. Kitchen appliances at the wrong height

Stove and microwave should not be located below.

The first mistake when planning the kitchen - placing the necessary equipment at the wrong height. Often it is placed too high or too low, which causes discomfort during operation. The best solution in this case is to focus on your height. Experts say that the optimum height is at the level of your belt. For example, if the oven is not located at the bottom, as we are used to, but at the height level, then you will not have to constantly lean over to open it.

2. Heavy cabinets on light walls

If you place a lot of heavy cabinets on a plasterboard partition, it will not sustain their weight.

Wall cabinets are the basis of any kitchen. Therefore, before you hang them, you should carefully check the reliability of the wall. Immediately give up the idea to place the storage system on a plasterboard partition - the design simply will not sustain their weight, and as a result you will lose both cabinets and walls. It is best to place the lockers on the load-bearing wall, which assumes the load of all elements located above it (beams, slabs, floors, etc.). It is durable, reliable and can withstand the weight of both shelves and wall cabinets with dishes inside.

3. "Wrong" sink

The shell should not be too small.

Choosing equipment in the kitchen, you should first think about its functionality and usability, and then about the appearance. This is especially true of the sink, which must be practical and roomy so that you can easily place there not one plate, but all the necessary utensils. Experts believe that the sink depth should be 160-200 mm.

4. Empty corners

Instead of a garbage can, a swiveling carousel can be placed in the corner cabinet.

If the kitchen has small dimensions, then your main task is to rationally use every centimeter, including empty corners, as mentioned in previous materials. In fact, there you can place anything, even a sink or stove, but in this case you will have to think about good lighting for this area. A more traditional solution to the problem is pivoting carousels in corner cabinets. They make life easier for housewives and are a great alternative to uncomfortable drawers. Just one movement of the hand - and you can use the dishes, pots and other devices that you used to keep in the lockers. Also in the corner you can place shelves, corner or diagonal storage systems.

5. Glass kitchen apron

A glass kitchen apron is beautiful, but not practical.

Most housewives choose glass aprons for their kitchens, as they look very beautiful and spectacular. In addition, under them you can put any wallpaper that will make the kitchen even more attractive. However, if you use glass, then you will not be able to achieve complete tightness, and as a result, various impurities will begin to accumulate behind the apron. Another disadvantage is the appearance of divorces due to cooking. Therefore, the glass apron is better to give up, because in the end the kitchen will look unpresentable and create the feeling that you are a sloppy owner. If, after all, you have firmly decided to order glass, then buy one continuous sheet, and not 3-4 small ones, which are located end-to-end. As for the type of material, the most reliable is tempered glass. Although it is not cheap, but it will serve you for many years.

Helpful hint: In order for the apron to fit perfectly into your interior, order the option "Virtual fitting apron". Its essence lies in the fact that the specialist will make a photomontage, with which it will "try on" several options for glass aprons with the selected pattern in the photo of your kitchen.

6. Little light

The lack of lighting makes the kitchen small and uncomfortable.

To make you feel comfortable in the kitchen and it was convenient for you to work, consider lighting. This is especially important if there is no window in the room or it goes out into the courtyard of a multi-storey building, as a result of which the sun practically does not look in the room. Designers advise to design the kitchen in bright colors and select the same furniture - so the room will look more spacious, cozier and lighter. You should also consider the number of lamps that will be located on the territory. Ideal - multi-level lights. It assumes the presence of ceiling lamps, a lamp aimed at the working area, lamps above the working table. For each of the zones there must be a separate switch so that you can adjust the lighting.

7. Lack of buffer zones on the tabletop

The tabletop should be as functional as possible so that you can work in the kitchen comfortably.

Buffer zones are areas of the working surface, located between the refrigerator, sink and stove. If there are no such zones, you simply have nowhere to put the products after you get them out of the fridge. In addition, you need a large area for cooking, so that was where to turn. A small tabletop will not give the desired space.

8. Improper arrangement of the refrigerator, tile and sink

If the tile is next to the fridge, it will soon break.

Do not put a stove and oven near the refrigerator. It will quickly heat up from high temperatures and will work at maximum, trying to keep the cold. As a result, the refrigerator will break. Also, experts recommend to have a plate and sink at a distance of 400 mm or more. This will protect the stove from increased moisture and rust.

9. Wrong kitchen floor

Tile as a floor covering is better to use only in the work area.

Selecting the floor covering for the kitchen should be very careful, since your safety depends on it. Laminate flooring is not the best solution for a room, since a high level of humidity will sooner or later cause the floor to swell. In addition, walking on the laminate is accompanied by a loud bang that will bring discomfort to both you and other tenants of the apartment. As for the tile, it is more reliable and resistant to external negative factors. At the same time, the tile is very cold, uncomfortable and if the dishes accidentally fall on the floor, it will surely be broken.

The ideal solution in this case would be a combination of tile and parquet of thermotree. The first floor covering should be placed in the working area, and the second - in the dining area. Thus, it turns out to combine comfort and functionality in the kitchen.