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15 non-trivial ideas for toilet design without boring tiles and plastic


It would seem that there could be more boring toilet.

The room is small, a special decor for him can not find.

However, modern designers with similar statements fundamentally disagree.

In this material collected 15 options for the design of the toilet room, which simply can not like it.

1. Decorative plates

Plates on the walls.

Agree, plates - this is the last thing you expect to see in the interior of the toilet. However, it is on such unexpected details that unique spaces are built. A vivid example of this - this bathroom in soothing colors with a lot of decorative plates hanging over the toilet.

2. Mosaic

Bright mosaic decorating part of the wall.

The highlight of this snow-white toilet was a mosaic of small bright tiles that adorn a part of the wall behind the toilet. It is worth noting that such a project will be able to be implemented by each owner of a single-color bathroom, in order to transform it literally over the weekend.

3. World Map

World map on the walls of the toilet.

If you have traveled half the light or just dream about it, this design is for you! And all because the walls of this toilet are plastered with wallpaper mural depicting a map of the world. Who knows, maybe it is in this “corner of thoughtfulness” that the realization of where you really want to be will come to you.

4. Patchwork

Design bathroom in patchwork style.

Has it happened in your life that when finishing the finishing of a room, you understand that you just barely have enough material, and the store no longer has the shade you need? Surely, something similar happened to the one who invented the patchwork direction. Perhaps this prompted the idea to use materials of different colors and shapes. Looking at the tiles that adorn the walls of this bathroom, we can see that despite the different colors and prints, the interior looks bright, dynamic and quite harmonious.

Newspapers on the walls.

In this toilet there is always something to read, because its walls are decorated with wallpaper with these newspaper spreads. Another unusual detail of this space was a rough wooden box filled with toilet rolls. In our opinion, this is the case when the practical detail has become the decoration of the interior.

6. Alternative materials

Bathroom with brick walls.

Who said that the walls of the toilet must be lined with ceramic tiles. In front of the readers, there is an excellent example of using decorative plaster bricks for decorating the walls of a bathroom. The design in this style looks concise, stylish and a little brutal.

7. Garden of Eden

The elegant interior of the toilet.

Looking at the interior of this bathroom, the language does not turn to call it a toilet or toilet as the room looks more like a garden of paradise. The basic mood of this space is set by the finishing: photowall-paper with the image of a magical landscape, which smoothly passes from the walls to the ceiling, and marble tiles on the floor. The final touches were golden fittings, a mirror in an elegant frame and a modern toilet.

An interesting fact: the sanitary fixture, which we call the toilet, has a rich and quite interesting history, during which its appearance changed dramatically. For the first time, something like a toilet bowl appeared in China in the 1st century BC. In 1596, Sir John Harington invented a toilet with a cistern for the Queen of England, calling it Ajax. The most active metamorphosis of the toilet bowl began in 1777 and continues to this day.

8. Perspective

Wall mural with perspective.

Those who feel discomfort in small enclosed spaces should look at the photo wallpaper with a perspective. With their help, you can "erase" the walls and create the illusion of infinite space.

9. Paintings

Paintings on the walls of the toilet.

We all used to see pictures in the living rooms and hallways, but to see the pictures in the toilet - a rarity. But do not drive yourself into the strict framework of conventions, and if you like the idea, feel free to decorate the walls of your bathroom with paintings and posters in laconic frames. This decor will bring a little dynamics to the interior of a small space.

10. Moldings

The decor is bright moldings.

A tiny but very bright space that was created with the help of decorative moldings painted in acid shades. The interior of this bathroom is a good example of how to change a boring little room for a penny and without energy.

11. Eco-design

Eco-friendly closet design.

A fantastic restroom, the walls of which are decorated with evergreen phytopanels with flowers, will definitely appeal to all lovers of wildlife, as well as those who dream of their own home, but have to live in a high-rise building.

12. Modern style

Toilet in modern style.

Most bathrooms in our country have the same type and rather boring design. The editors believe that this trend is time to change. Moreover, to make a small space interesting is not difficult. It is enough to create a contrasting accent wall, pick up an interesting conceptual idea for the floor or ceiling, add light and enjoy the result.

13. Pixels

Mixed tile.

Using contrast tiles of the same shape is perhaps the easiest way to create an original design without much difficulty. Just look how beautiful the uneven transition of a dark hexagonal tile into a light one looks!

14. Classic style

Toilet in a classic style.

Classic style in the interior, where it does not expect to see. Agree, rarely when you see the toilet, stylized as a living room. However, such a design takes place.

15. Painting

Bright wall paintings.

People who are not devoid of talent can independently make their bathroom unique. Arm yourself with paints, brushes, give free rein to fantasy and draw inspirational stories on the walls.

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