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17 extraordinary storage systems that will easily and beautifully put things in order in things


17 extraordinary storage systems that will easily and beautifully put things in order in things

Perhaps, every hostess knows the situation when many little things are scattered around the house, which are simply impossible to arrange.

However, there is a way out. You just need to pick the right storage systems.

These 17 options will easily and beautifully put things in order in things.

1. Hanger for jewelry

Organizer for decorations.

From small hoops and colored threads, you can make amazing hangers for earrings, bracelets and pendants. Such a fantastic organizer, similar to an intricate cobweb, you can safely broadcast on the wall or proudly put on the dresser as decoration.

2. Ascetic shelving

Large shoe rack.

If you are a happy owner of shoes or you have a large family, it is better not to be wise, trying to shove shoes on the lockers. But to keep casual shoes on the floor in the hallway is not an option. In our opinion, a high concise shelving will help solve the problem with shoes. Carefully place all your shoes on it and do not forget to maintain order in it.

3. Suspended rack

Suspended rack for spices.

Spices are conveniently stored in special containers in one place. The simplest hanging wire rack will help you organize the perfect storage conditions for your favorite seasonings. You can fix it on the inside of one of the top cabinets.

4. Zoning

Zoning box.

Drawers in the kitchen often look like a shell exploded inside. And all because things add up there randomly, without any system. Zoning with the help of small plastic baskets will help to restore order in such boxes.

5. Organizer for bolts and gadgets

Storage bolts, screws and nuts.

To bolts, Gadget, screws, screws and other little things are not lost, store them in separate jars. For more convenience and to save space jars can be fixed under one of the shelves in the workshop.


Pegboard is an almost universal system for storing a wide variety of things. In this case, a small pegboard was used to store hoops and other tools for needlework.

7. Stand for office

Stand for stationery.

It is hard to believe that this bright organizer is made of ordinary cans covered with cloth. In our opinion, to make such a little thing everyone can, and its usefulness is simply obvious.

8. Magazine rack

Cardboard stand for magazines.

Simple and at the same time very practical stand for notebooks and magazines, which can be easily made from unnecessary cardboard boxes. This stand will allow you to organize storage in the workplace, where there are no sliding lockers.

9. Economic Organizers

The use of economic organizers.

Being in the hardware store, be sure to buy a few ordinary fabric or oilcloth organizers. Subsequently, they can be adapted to store a variety of things: spices, children's toys, shoes, scarves, socks and so on.

10. Tool stand

Multi-level stand for tools.

A simple and at the same time very functional multi-level stand for small hand tools that can be made by any man from DVP-boards and wooden pegs.

11. Containers for cosmetics

Storage of decorative cosmetics.

Small transparent plastic containers will help clean up cosmetics and organize a beautiful system for their storage. You can buy such containers literally for a penny on Chinese websites or in a hardware store.

12. Wire shelves

Shelves made of wire.

And again the cheap gizmos of their hardware store. This time we are talking about wire shelves. Screw them to the interior doors, internal parts of the cabinets and use them to store bags, accessories, magazines or toys.

13. Bucket

Bath amenities in the bucket.

This bucket mounted on the wall is a very original and pretty way to store bath accessories. For greater appeal, decorate the bucket with paint or self-adhesive paper.

14. Suspended storage

Suspended storage system in the garage.

Screw two slats with hooks to the free wall of the garage or shed to fix everything that can be hung on them. Such a storage system will restore order and free up the floor.

15. Shelf for shoes

Simple shelf for shoes.

Use one of the most common wooden pallet to create a shoe shelf. It should be noted that despite the simplicity of this idea, the shelf from the pallet looks very stylish and is able to fit into the interior of any hallway.

16. Suspended systems

Suspended systems for the bathroom.

Here are two examples of hanging storage systems in the bathroom. In the first case, a cheap wire basket was used, suitable for storing small bottles of cosmetics, hairbrushes and decorative cosmetics. In the second - a wide board, to which with the help of metal clamps attached small glass jars filled with various trifles.

17. Stylish shelves

Stylish shelves of drawers.

If you have unnecessary furniture with drawer cabinets, do not throw it away entirely. Remove the boxes, cut them and paint them in delicate pastel shades. The resulting product is mounted on the wall in the bathroom. New shelves will not only create storage space, but also decorate the interior.

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