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How ordinary shelves can become an accent that transforms the entire interior.


Shelf - one of the most common elements of the interior, allowing not only rationally arrange books, small objects and accessories, but also drastically change the style of the whole interior.

If you correctly place and decorate the shelves, they will help transform the space, giving your home a unique charm.

Which shelves and racks to choose? How to not only rationally, but also tastefully mark them in your home? In this article you will find answers to all your questions.

Such a rack will be a bright accent of the interior.

The original solution for placing books for non-standard premises.

1. Trendy Honey Shelves

Such stylish shelf-honeycombs will decorate any interior.

Irregular shape honeycomb diversifies your room.

These shelves will create a special atmosphere in the living room.

They belong to the geometric types of shelving and look very nice in the interior of the apartment. There are a huge number of options for the location and creation of outstanding forms.

Cell shelves with large round cells will allow you to put anything.

Not only a magazine or a newspaper, but also a favorite toy can be put on these shelves.

There are more variations with round cells. For larger items or books, it’s better to choose a larger diameter, because only magazines, newspapers or paperbacks can be placed in small cells.

The undulating shelf will bring comfort and peace to the room.

If you are a fan of smooth lines and do not like corners, then choose streamlined or wavy shelves. They will remind you of a light sea wave or a breath of wind.

Rack with the original form of shelves.

Twisting and spiral-shaped shelves.

At first glance it seems that they are of low functionality and can be installed only for beauty, but this is not so. Such a shelf will be able to place not only books, but also a bottle of wine or any other items.

Not only beautiful, but also rational.

The original bookcase with a round shelf in the middle.

Shelves can be made even in a circle or arrange the arch around the doorway, such a decision will help fill the unclaimed space in the apartment.

3. Symmetrical shelves and asymmetrical

Strict forms also give charm.

Even right angles can add flair and originality.

If you are a conservative and do not tolerate chaos and blurring in the interior, then a strict symmetrical shelf or a built-in wardrobe is your option.

Very original design of the cabinet and shelving.

Unusual shelves only emphasize the interior of the room.

If you are an extraordinary person, and everything right is annoying, or you like original geometric shapes with sharp or obtuse angles, then the shelves and cabinets with complete asymmetry will definitely please you.

4. Phantom and glass shelves

Phantom shelves create the illusion of unreality.

Visual aid: how to make a phantom shelf.

If you want to surprise guests, install or make your own, non-existent shelf. Such an original design will give mystery and unreality of what is happening.

The subtlety and elegance of a glass cabinet.

Glass shelves and racks are very elegant and look fine in any room.

Fantastic shaped glass shelf with LED elements.

5. Corner shelves

This shelf will allow you to use an empty corner in the hallway.

We always try to purchase furniture in order to maximize the use of the corners, in this interior decoration the useful area is vacated.

Unusual "embracing" corner shelf.

Shelves are no exception, and they have a very interesting property not only to “sink” in the corner, but also to “envelop” it.

6. Lightness and eccentricity of shelves design

Rack assembled in a chaotic manner.

Unreal airiness of the shelf.

If you are a creative person, then such a shelf will emphasize your individuality. These incredible designs are designed to amaze.

7. Omnipresence of Shelves

The most favorite place to read some personalities.

For lovers of a long splash in the bathroom with good for business.

We are used to the fact that the bookshelves are located in the office, if there is one, or in the living room, nursery, bedroom. But there are still places in the apartment where you can originally attach a shelf or two.

8. Shelves-transformers

Shelf at your request can turn into several pieces of furniture at the same time.

Even such a miniature shelf can change if you need to attach a couple more books.

We all love furniture capable of performing several functions at the same time, while still being able to transform into a more necessary detail of the interior.

Such inconstancy only pleases.

And this hybrid version of the rack, shelves and wardrobe should be considered more carefully. It consists of a panel dotted with special pegs, which you can push or extend, creating shelves or partitions of any configuration.

Such a shelf is able to replace the designer.

Children like this design of the transformer shelf. After all, it can be changed at least every day, at will and mood.

9. Exclusive shelves

The fancy shape of the shelf will decorate your interior.

Elegant shelf - the main decoration of the living room.

Such shelves will always delight children.

Several options shelves from the usual items.

It doesn't matter what design and functionality of the shelf you have chosen, the main thing is that it organically fits into the style of your interior. And then she will emphasize your originality and creativity with her fantastic appearance.

As originally you can arrange the library and a place to read books.

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