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Useful household tricks that will make life easier


Useful household tricks that will make life easier

In the new review were collected useful household tricks that are designed to greatly facilitate everyday life.

Even if you fail to take them into service, you should keep them with you, because you never know what might be useful in life.

1. Unpleasant odors in the toilet

Eliminate unpleasant smell in the toilet.

Pour some flavored detergent into the brush holder to forget about unpleasant odors in the toilet.

2. Plaque and rust on cutlery

The brilliance and cleanliness of the cutlery.

Lemon juice will help to deal with rust and dark patches on cutlery. Thoroughly treat the spoons, knives and forks with half a lemon, leave for some time, and then rinse with running water and wipe with a clean wool cloth.

3. "Noisy" boxes

The secret of "quiet" lockers.

If you are annoyed by the loud sound that drawers emit when closing, try to apply a thin strip of hot glue to the top of the inner wall of the cabinet.

4. Universal cleaner

Budget detergent.

A mixture of table vinegar and dishwashing liquid is a miracle remedy that will help to cope with almost any dirt in the house. Such an emulsion will allow great savings on the purchase of special household chemicals.

5. Clean windows

Glittering windows.

Washing windows is a difficult and unpleasant task. Easily cope with complex contaminants, and water with starch will help to avoid stains. In one liter of water dissolve a tablespoon of starch and wipe the window surface with the resulting emulsion. Wash off dirt and starch with a damp cloth and wipe dry.

Dust on lacquered and polished furniture.

Never wipe polished and lacquered furniture with a wet rag. For effective pollution control on such surfaces use exclusively dry flannel, cloth or special napkins.

7. Anti-fogging agent

Effective means of fogging windows.

A mixture of glycerin and alcohol - perhaps the most effective remedy for fogging glasses. In addition, this emulsion will help the windows to remain clean for a longer time. This recipe is especially relevant in anticipation of cold weather and the beginning of the heating season.

8. Care of kitchen towels

Ideal kitchen towels.

In order to wash kitchen towels better, before machine washing, soak them in warm water with vinegar.

9. Shiny pens

Caring for door handles.

Restoring order, do not forget about the door handles. Many bacteria settle on them, and stains and fingerprints catch the eye and spoil the look of the room. So that at least once a week wipe the door handles and cabinets with special napkins or alcohol solution.

10. Cleaning upholstered furniture

Caring for upholstered furniture.

Upholstered furniture, like a sponge, absorbs dirt and odors. Pour some vodka into the spray bottle, spray the surface of the sofa with liquid and let it dry. This trick will help freshen up furniture and eliminate unwanted odors.

11. Carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning.

Carpets create an indoor atmosphere of warmth and comfort. However, in order for the carpet to serve for a long time and not lose its attractiveness, it needs proper care. Regular baking soda will help to clean the dirt and eliminate odors. Scatter it on the surface of the carpet, leave for a few hours, and then vacuum thoroughly.

12. Brilliant plumbing

Cleaner for plumbing.

Do not rush to throw away an unnecessary piece of lemon. It can be used to clean chrome plumbing. Take a slice of lemon on the surface of the faucets, the nozzle and the shower hose and they will shine clean like new ones.

13. Shiny mirrors

Clean and shine mirrors.

Take half the raw potato, walk it over the surface of the mirror, rinse with cool water and wipe dry. This is the easiest and most affordable way to clean the dirt and restore shine to all mirrors in the house.

14. The process of cooking potatoes

Boiled potatoes.

To make the potatoes boil faster, add some butter to the pan.

15. Drying shoes

Express shoe drying.

Dry wet shoes will help salt. Heat the salt in a griddle, put it in a sock and put it in your shoes. Repeat if necessary. Such a trick will be a real salvation in the rainy autumn days.

16. We rub cheese

Cunning for cheese grater.

Starting grating hard cheese, grease the grater with vegetable oil. The cheese does not stick together, and the grater is washed much better.

17. Unpleasant smells in the kitchen

Get rid of unpleasant odors in the kitchen.

The kitchen is always an abundance of flavors and not always pleasant. Quickly get rid of odors in the kitchen, a tablespoon of vinegar will help. Heat the vinegar in the pan until it evaporates.