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How to protect the living room from the landfill, or Tips to create a comfortable atmosphere


The living room is an area for rest and relaxation, a special space where you can enjoy socializing with family and friends. However, for many of us, this is just another room in the house, entering which we think: "What a mess here." Yes, often the living room becomes a kind of dump: things that do not find a place in the bedroom, study, nursery or kitchen, safely move into it.

And sometimes people make design mistakes, getting chaos, not comfort and peace. There are simple secrets through which you can try to make a living room an oasis of comfort. So, things that need to be removed immediately.

1. Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment has no place in the living room, put them where they will not interfere.

You might think that putting an exercise bike in front of the TV is a great idea. Sat down, pedal, watch a movie. This is true, but if you are not going to use it regularly, then a bicycle or other structure will simply be an eyesore. Although it is very important to monitor your health, the treadmill, rowing, led and any other simulator just should not be in the living room. If you have no choice but to do this, consider a regular run or brisk walk in the fresh air.

2. Endless pillows

The abundance of pillows does not always create comfort.

When the room already has a bunch of beautiful pillows, it is difficult to stop. I want to buy more and more, because today in stores such a large selection. However, tons of these soft clumps all over your living room will eventually become annoying. Yes, such interior items may look beautiful, but they are completely impractical. They have to constantly shift, before you sit on the sofa or carpet.

Do not bring documents home or lay them out in the living room.

The living room is a place where you can relax, put your feet on the ottoman and calmly watch a movie. A stack of documents that are laid out everywhere, will be reminded of the unfinished work. Instead, it is better to move them into the hallway, putting the tray for mail and other papers. Try not to touch the documents until you are really going to work with them. It is better to do this in the office and not to bring contracts, bills and stuff home. If you work at home, then try to create an office. There is no suitable room for this - use the zoning of the space with the help of furniture, shelving, partitions.

4. Ironing board

An ironing board will not add style to your living room.

As in the case of papers, heaps of non-ironed linen laid out everywhere are just a reminder that you have unfinished work. The living room is not suitable for ironing things, and the presence of the board can simply annoy, and also interfere. Of course, if there is no place in the apartment where you can do household chores, then there is no choice. But after that, you should immediately remove everything so that the room does not resemble a laundry. The same applies to the dryer.

5. Old VHS or DVD tapes

Old cassettes and disks are not needed by anyone today.

Over the past ten years, technology has leaped forward. Many of us still have outdated VHS tapes and DVDs that we no longer watch. Why do you need them? Is that they are stored extremely valuable records, then you can leave. In all other cases - down. Or give them to collectors. Let the vacant place will take the really necessary things.

6. Bag chairs

Chair bag is better to put in the nursery.

Sitting in them is not very comfortable, especially for people in age, and dust is collected a lot. But the worst thing is when such furniture bursts, and small polystyrene balls fly around the living room. Clean them up very hard. Because it is better to use the usual classic soft chairs, sofas, chairs. It is convenient and safe. And the options with filler move to the nursery, of course, if possible.

7. Magazine rack

Magazine rack is now a thing of the past.

This is just an outdated option. And today, few people read magazines - because there is the Internet. Unstable pieces of furniture on legs always fall when they are touched while cleaning, creating confusion and enraging the owner of the house. To prevent this from happening, you can purchase special organizers for papers that are hung on the armrest of a sofa.

8. Children's toys

Teach your children to clean up toys.

To step on pieces of clay, cars and soft toys - this is unlikely to contribute to relaxation in the living room. Have the children keep the toys in their room. Of course, they can play anywhere, but it is worth teaching the kids after that to take their wealth to the nursery. Make attractive places for storing bears, constructors, balls and skipping ropes, such as wicker boxes or a pirate chest. It will interest little brigands, and parents will receive a free living room.

9. A large number of trinkets and souvenirs on the shelves

Shelves lined with trinkets, create the effect of cramping.

If you are sentimental or like to collect all sorts of small things, it will be difficult for you to remove a lot of trinkets covering every living room shelf. However, they horribly interfere with cleaning. Each need to raise, wipe, then put in place. In addition, cluttered surfaces create a feeling of confusion and closeness. Choose the most expensive things for you, and remove the rest in the pantry.

10. Too big or too much furniture.

It is better to use compact furniture to unload space.

Many people love large, bulky and durable furniture - dining tables, chairs, sideboards, sofas. Well, if the living room is large, you can experiment. And if not? Then it turns into a real den. Consider a small streamlined furniture, let the chairs be placed under the table, the tables will be folding, and the wardrobes with sliding doors. Today the choice is very large, you just have to try and choose the most functional option.