Useful ideas

The cozy interiors of a small living room, which will make it the best place in the house


In the living room pass and quiet family evenings, and noisy friendly gatherings. But whatever happens in this room, a cozy atmosphere is obligatory.

Creating an environment conducive to friendly communication is easy.

Even if the living room area is more than modest. We share a selection of cozy interiors of a small living room that will make it the heart of the house.

1. Soft shades of brown

The interior of a small living room in brown tones.

Brown color - a win-win for home furnishing. But that the interior did not seem boring, stop the choice on non-standard shades. For example, on mustard.

2. As in seventh heaven

Living room in pastel colors.

The bluish-gray interior of a small living room does not look cold due to the abundance of contrasting decorative details. The narrow horizontal shelf, which serves as a support for numerous paintings and photographs, gives the unusual situation.

3. Urban jungle

Interior with hints of safari.

Pure safari style for a small room is not the best option. But why not introduce into the interior some elements of the exotic, and in their ironic version? So a small living room will not look overloaded with details.

4. Extravagant Asian Motifs

The interior is in oriental style.

Despite the existing stereotype, a small room does not necessarily have to make out only in bright colors. Unusual interior with oriental notes is the best proof of that. Such an extravagant living room will surely become a real magnet for guests.

Living room with unusual lighting.

The restrained interior is transformed by a non-standard lighting design. Lighting devices are located not only on the ceiling, but also in the shelves. A soft white-brown gamma creates a cozy atmosphere.

6. Inspiring Scandinavian style

Living room in the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style - democratic and comfortable. This interior is optimal for a living room whose owners are dynamic people who are not afraid of change.

7. Strength in detail

Decorative interior of a small living room.

Many decorative details become a real decoration of a small living room. Due to the predominance of white in its interior, it does not seem cramped. A sofa of rich blue color becomes the semantic center of the whole interior.

8. Reasonable luxury

The interior is in neutral colors.

A discreet black and white color scheme comes alive with metal and plastic parts, faux fur and splashes of bright colors. The result is impressive. The interior looks democratic, but at the same time luxurious.

9. Color expression

Modern interior living room.

Black and white - one of the most expressive colors in the palette. In addition to these two colors, the expressive trio includes an orange-brown. The interior becomes noble due to the abundance of objects of complex shape - from the decor to the plinths.

10. Expressive cherry details

Expressive interior living room.

Black and white interior may seem like an ordinary solution for a small living room. But this will not happen if the contrasting situation is diluted with details of a rich cherry color. It will become a more noble substitute for the red, which is so often diluted with a black and white gamut.

11. With a hint of loft

Interior with details in a loft style.

Loft style - not the best choice for the interior of a small living room. But some of its elements - a brick wall, metal lamps, - are quite acceptable. After all, these complex textures make the interior deep.

12. Sunny mood

Interior in white and yellow tones.

An optimistic interior in white and yellow colors improves mood. A warm chat in a good mood is what all guests need. In such a positive atmosphere, home owners can only find a topic for conversation, and the evening will succeed.

13. A new look at the classic color combination.

The interior is in black and white.

Black and white, prevailing in this interior, do not look strictly at all. The secret lies in the prevalence of simple forms. Textile elements, that is, carpet and pillows, successfully enliven the environment without overloading it.

14. Cozy vintage

Interior with vintage elements.

Wool carpet on the floor and vintage armchairs from the middle of the last century make the interior of a small living room warm and cozy. A modern finish and decor add to it the necessary relevance.

15. Symphony of prints

Interior with lots of prints.

The accent wall pasted over with unusual wallpaper perfectly harmonizes with the curtains. This combination of prints relieves gray-brown interior from neutrality, making it individual.