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12 simple techniques that will help to update the interior, even when there is no money at all


It often happens that you want to update the interior, but there is no extra money in the family budget. Do not give up.

Better pay attention to a few tips that will help transform the space and without great expense.

1. Furniture rearrangement

Arrange the furniture differently.

Sometimes, in order to upgrade your home, you simply rearrange the furniture. To do this correctly, take a look and analyze the situation that you have at the moment. Surely, in the arrangement of furniture there are some flaws that you did not take into account at the beginning, and eventually revealed. For example, the most comfortable chair is in a dark corner, which makes it impossible to read a book in it, or the bed is at an angle that the sun's rays shine right in your face in the morning. Considering all these nuances, arrange the furniture according to a new scheme. So familiar rooms will get a new look, and accommodation will become much more comfortable.

2. Textiles for masking

Masking flaws with textiles.

Buying new furniture is a very expensive event that can make a dent in the family budget. However, it is not necessary to buy everything at once. Beautiful textiles will help to give a presentable look to some interior items. For example, worn table tops can be hidden behind bright tablecloths, shabby window frames behind beautiful curtains, and battered sofas can be covered with soft blankets or hidden under a pile of decorative pillows.

3. Unexpected decor

Clothes for wall decor.

Surely in your wardrobe there is one beautiful dress that you no longer wear. So why not use it to create an original decorative composition? In a complex with several posters or photos within the dress will be a real highlight of the bedroom. Compositions using children's clothes also look very cute.

4. Luxury rugs

Blankets made of natural or artificial fur.

And again it is worth looking into the depths of your wardrobe. Perhaps you have an old fur coat made of natural fur, which has lost its presentation or simply went out of fashion? Such a thing can be used for sewing a luxurious rug that fits perfectly into the interior of the living room and will help to hide the battered upholstery of the chair or the greasy section of the sofa. By the way, an artificial fur coat, as well as any other dense plush material, is suitable for sewing such a rug.

5. Creative pots

Unusual flower pots.

Add to your interior a bit of creative madness. To do this, replace the usual flower pots with alternative ones made of unusual materials. Very interesting specimens are obtained from unnecessary books, useless lenses, tin cans and ceramic cups.

6. Painting the sofa

Painting upholstery sofa.

Do not rush to write off the old sofa, the upholstery of which is hopelessly stained due to old age. Arm yourself with latex paint, solvent, brushes, a spray with water and good mood. Moisten the upholstery with water, mix the paint with the solvent in a 2: 1 ratio, and proceed to applying the first layer. Leave the paint to dry for at least two hours and proceed to applying the second coat.

7. Garlands

Decor mirrors festoons.

Garlands have already ceased to be exclusively New Year's attribute. Now, they are actively used to decorate and illuminate rooms. For example, using the "lights" you can decorate the frame of the floor mirror. Turn on the garland in the evening and enjoy the soft mysterious glow in the bedroom.

8. Old carpet

Soviet carpet in the interior.

The old monotonous interiors are so fed up that we strive to get rid of all remnants of the Soviet past at the earliest opportunity. But do not rush to throw everything away. For example, a solid Soviet carpet has become a real trend in the field of design. In addition, things with history will fill the house with warmth and comfort. So, if you have a large carpet in good condition, feel free to lay it on the floor of your renovated living room. Especially good such carpets look in the interiors, decorated in rustic, rustic or eco-style.

9. Retro

Things in retro style.

Modern designers are simply in love with retro little things. They have a special charm, mystery, magnetism. These are the things that can bring depth and meaning to the interior. So, if you are lucky enough to find an old typewriter, camera, chest, suitcase, mirror in a heavy frame or other old things in the attic, be sure to use them to decorate your apartment.

10. Bursts of color

Eccentric details.

If your interior suddenly seemed boring, add bright unexpected accents. Buy bright bedding, patchwork-style blanket, frames of unusual color, handmade sofa cushions or any other details that struck you in the eyes with their brightness. Such updates will not require large expenditures, but the effect will be as from a face lift.

11. Touch the nature

Live plants and natural materials.

Do you know what refreshes the interior best of all? Living greens! Want change, dynamics, comfort, - go ahead to buy plants. Large palm trees, hanging ferns and large-leaved plants will make the interior juicy and rich, as well as fill the living space with air. In addition to plants, use natural materials. Hemp and saw cuts are ideal materials for creating original furniture.

12. Photos

Wall decor photos.

Photos are always relevant, but if we are talking about a cozy family nest, then you just can't do without them. In addition, with the help of your favorite pictures, you can hide some of the flaws in the finish. For this decor is not necessary to buy a set of frames. There are lots of creative ways of placing photos: strings, ribbons, frames of colored scotch, vintage window frames and many others.

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