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20 ideas on how to make a damn attractive bathroom the size of a closet


Nice to do repairs in a large bathroom.

No need to wrestle with where to cram all plumbing supplies and related furniture. But what about those who have a bathroom in size more like a closet?

Do not despair! We have collected a potential go, how to equip a small-sized bathroom, so that it becomes damn attractive.

1. Eclectic bathroom

The smaller the bathroom, the more carefully it is necessary to think through its design.

2. High-tech bathroom

Original mosaic of aqua color in a modern bathroom interior.

3. Trendy classics in the bathroom

Any small bathroom needs a certain stylistic decision.

4. Bathroom design in gray tones.

Neutral color is an indisputable advantage when choosing colors in the interior of the bathroom.

5. The combination of gray and white in the interior of the bathroom

Gray and white are a win-win classic.

6. Compact solution for small premises

For the visual zoning of the bathroom, you can use any neutral shades.

7. Brownish beige color in the bathroom

A classic shade that has not lost its relevance.

8. Mediterranean style in the interior

Classic Mediterranean style in a compact modern bathroom.

9. Compact bathroom solution

Place the washing machine under the sink.

10. The combination of light green shade.

Salad perfectly combined with any colors and shades.

11. Small bathroom in a minimalist style

Shades in the interior of the bathroom, which visually expand the space.

12. Bathroom interior in "Khrushchev"

A full-fledged bathroom is what is really missing in a small "Khrushchev".

13. Harmonious combination of colors

To create a stylish and organic interior, you can use different stylistic solutions.

14. Combining shades of orange and beige

Classic variants of combining orange and beige hues are very popular.

15. Bathroom in gray and orange tones.

The classic gray tint in the bathroom will create an amazing backdrop for any interior experiments.

16. Bathtub in a minimalist style

To decorate a small bathroom, it is best to use classic style directions.

17. Creative design of a small bathroom

Stylish bathroom with decorative wood elements.

18. Impressive green accent

The lime shade perfectly combines with almost any color.

19. Bathroom in turquoise shades

Ergonomic layout and original combination of light and turquoise hues in the bathroom interior.

20. Bathroom in a dark color

Men's bathroom in a simple style.