Useful ideas

16 practical ideas for convenient storage, indispensable in any kitchen


In any, even the most spacious kitchen, there is not too much storage space.

After all, the number of necessary details in this room rolls over. And to freely navigate in this sea of ​​things, quickly finding the right, necessary.

We share a selection of ideas for storage in the kitchen that you should pay attention to.

1. Spices on weight

Storage of spices in the kitchen.

Numerous bags of spices tend to constantly roll over, mix with each other. Finding the right bag is quite difficult. So why not hang them on clothespins to a small railing? So the names of all spices will be visible, and the contents of the bags will remain safe and sound. Instead of a railing, you can use thin PVC-pipe, which are put on the rings for the shower curtain.

2. Covers - in order

Organized storage in the kitchen covers.

Pots and pans, which are stored together with lids, take up a lot of space in drawers and cabinets. And in order to find the right pair, you have to sort through a bunch of dishes. Therefore, we recommend to take care of organized storage of covers. For example, they can be fixed on the back of the furniture doors. As the clamps are the usual hooks for clothes.

3. Tuning for packages

The idea of ​​storing cereals in the kitchen.

To untie cellophane packages tied in a knot is not a test for the faint of heart. Often they have to break to get to the content. And after that - also spend time pouring the product from one package to another. To solve the problem will help the top of the plastic bottle. Simply thread the bag into the neck and screw the cap on.

4. From the wardrobe - to the kitchen

Paper towel storage.

Paper towels for the kitchen greatly facilitate the process of cooking and other work processes that any hostess has to deal with. But tearing a towel from a roll can be uncomfortable. The retainer for the roll is easy to make from ordinary plastic hangers for clothes. Cut its lower part in the center, bend it. It remains only to hang the roll on a hanger.

Spices on magnets attached to the fridge.

The door of the refrigerator is a rather large area. Therefore, we recommend the rational use of it. For example, to store spices. Banks with screw caps and small magnets will be needed. Magnets are glued to the covers with building glue. Banks are filled with spices and fixed on the refrigerator.

6. Instead of colors

Storage of cutlery in the kitchen.

The kitchen is not the most suitable place for growing fresh flowers. After all, temperature drops, humidity negatively affect their condition. An alternative to the usual colors can be an original decorative composition. Just put the cutlery in the flower pots. Another plus of such a decorative storage method is saving space. After all, upright cutlery takes up less space.

7. Installation of kitchenware

Storing pans on the wall.

Ordinary pans, hanging on a wooden wall, become a real decoration of the kitchen. Attach a few hooks to the boards and hang the dishes on them. This is a great solution for a small kitchen that allows you to efficiently use the space vertically.

8. Country style

Box basket for trifles.

A lot of little things standing on the countertop, make the kitchen sloppy. In order to rectify the situation, it is not necessary to put them in distant boxes. After all, some things should be on hand at all times. A simple but effective way to restore order - put all the little things in a shallow box-box.

9. Boxes in a box

Roomy drawer in the kitchen.

The deep drawer in the kitchen at first glance may seem functional and roomy. But in practice it turns out that finding the right thing in it is difficult. Therefore, the box is filled only partially. Partitions inside the box will help solve the problem. This tab can be ordered in the workshop engaged in the manufacture of furniture.

10. Almost a cache

Storage of bottles in the kitchen.

A narrow box near the floor is suitable for storing wine bottles. So they will not occupy much space in the kitchen.

11. Magnetic Kitchen Board

Board for the kitchen.

Recipes, bills, lists of products and other necessary pieces of paper I have the ability to accumulate in the most unexpected places. Therefore, it is better to provide a special magnetic board for their placement.

12. Useful space under the sink

Storage of funds with a spray.

Horizontal railing, fixed in a box under the sink, will help to organize the organized storage of funds with a spray. They also hang tea towels and other necessary things on it.

13. Everything in sight

Rack for storage in the kitchen.

It may seem that the racks are suitable only for the living room or bedroom. But in the kitchen such furniture would be appropriate. To place on the shelves of the shelves, choose the most beautiful tableware, as well as decorative items.

14. Knives in bamboo

Storage of knives in the kitchen.

Knives lying next to each other or other utensils get dull faster and take up a lot of space. The self-made storage system made of a low glass or ceramic vase and bamboo sticks intended for cooking on a fire can help solve the problem. Fill the vase tightly with chopsticks and put knives in it.

15. Rational information storage

School board in the kitchen.

Paint for school blackboards is sold in hardware stores. Using it, you can make a small board for important entries. A simpler option is to purchase a replacement from vinyl film, on which chalk is well placed. The reverse side of this board is covered with adhesive composition.

16. Both useful and beautiful

Multifunctional shelf in the kitchen.

A narrow shelf can transform the interior of the kitchen for the better. Place decorative items on top of it, and hang different kitchen utensils on the bottom with hooks.