Useful ideas

18 proven examples that will make vyshret all the trash on the balcony and make repairs


It so happened that most people turn their balconies into something like a "creeper" room. It stores what is very rarely used and, in general, the most unnecessary is stored, but what is so pitiful to throw it away.

But this area of ​​the apartment can be used not only with greater benefit, but also in a more pleasant way. Below are 18 great ideas of reincarnating a balcony into a useful area for different purposes.

1. Adjacent space

Uniting space.

If the loggia adjoins the bedroom, then by combining them, you can arrange a place on the balcony on the balcony. In this area there will be a lot of daylight, which is so necessary for a perfect make-up. In order for everything to look beautiful and harmonious, the finishing of both zones must coincide. In this case, it is better to hang tulle with heavy heavy curtains on the windows of the loggia, close the windows with a large mirror by one wall, placing a dressing table under it, and on the other side you can arrange beautiful shelves for storing useful things.

2. Part of the kitchen

Balcony as part of the kitchen.

If the balcony is adjacent to the kitchen, then this is a great opportunity to expand the space for cooking. Even on the narrowest balcony, there will be enough space to install a sink, a pedestal and a stove, but the kitchen itself will become a purely dining place.

3. Student's corner

Corner for schoolchild or student.

Balcony in the nursery can be equipped under the training area. For this, the loggia will have to be properly insulated and the walls should be arranged in bright but restrained colors. Looks good combination of yellow mustard and white, for example. You will also need to think about the lighting so that in the dark the child does not spoil his eyesight after the lessons. Such a trick will be especially useful in cramped rooms, transferring the workplace to the balcony will significantly relieve the space.

4. Cabinet on the balcony

A study on the balcony.

Corner of relaxation.

But you don’t just have to work on the balcony, you can make a corner of relaxation - a soft floor, several scattered soft pillows and a cozy spacious armchair in which you can sink in the evenings with a cup of flavored drink in your hands, turning into a soft blanket - what could be better after hard day work. But in order not to freeze in winter, take care of heating and insulation in advance.

6. Cozy coffee house

Place for coffee.

To realize this venture, it will be enough carpet, air curtains and wicker furniture. Even on the narrowest and smallest loggia, you can make a cozy place in the style of a home cafe.

7. Laconic design

Monochrome interior.

A cozy small balcony in classic black and white colors, with an added table and wooden furniture can be used as a place for tea drinking and pleasant intimate conversations. And this place will be to the liking of smokers.

8. Cozy place

Rest in Japanese style.

The idea will perfectly fit into the balconies on the high floors. Panoramic windows, a large cozy sofa of pillows and a table. Multifunctional convenient place where you can drink tea and seagulls in the evening, surf in the Internet, and even take a nap. In general, complete relaxation from the world of fuss.

9. Classics of the genre

Bench in a classic interior.

A miniature sofa, an open rack with shelves is a classic idea for a small loggia. By the way, in the role of the sofa can act as a stable pedestal, which you need to cover with a rug or any other cozy bedspread, and shower with pads.

10. Refined style

Interior with a touch of elegance.

Panoramic windows, bright laconic atmosphere and wicker furniture. Special grace attached to the railing around the perimeter of the balcony. In this corner you can spend your morning tea with the reading of an interesting magazine or newspaper.

11. Place for wardrobe

Dressing room on the balcony.

What woman does not dream of a spacious dressing room, where you could store all your handbags, clothes, accessories and shoes? And it can be available to everyone, even if the area of ​​the apartment is against it. For such purposes, you can use the balcony, pre-warming it and equipping it with special shelves and cabinets. And if you also want to dress up on the spot, then on the other side of the loggia you can install a large mirror. It is better to curtain the balcony windows with thick curtains to hide from prying eyes while changing clothes.

12. Soft corner

Pillows in the interior of the balcony.

Another charming idea for those who like to spend time in a cozy atmosphere for talking. In this case, it is not necessary to buy a sofa, a bench can be built with his own hands, and pillows or a soft blanket can help make it soft. Near a small table. Comfort and warmth will give the living indoor plants that can be put next to the bench.

13. Soft corner

And a narrow loggia can be cozy.

Narrow loggia for someone may seem a barrier to its reincarnation, but it is not. Beautifully decorated walls, a miniature table-shelf and a bar stool will do their work. Thus, you can arrange a place for a secluded tea or a meal.

14. Soft corner

Bright wardrobe in the interior of the loggia.

If you don’t want to do any of the above, and there is plenty of comfort on the couch in the living room, then the balcony can be adapted to purely practical household chores. It is possible to install a multifunctional cabinet with a built-in ironing board. There you can also place a clothes dryer, which usually takes up a lot of space in an apartment and spoils all aesthetics.

15. Neutral tones

Ergonomic loggia in neutral style.

Simple concise loggia for a pleasant stay. Small built-in lockers for storing all the most necessary, an abundance of fresh flowers, a cozy dining area made of wood is the perfect solution for an average city apartment.

16. Cozy nest


A charming corner will definitely appeal to those who like to spend time reading books and drinking tea. For the arrangement of the reading area does not require a lot of investments and the more space. For this, old furniture will fit perfectly, the coziness of which can be given with the help of various textiles. Put a small table next to the seating position and you're done!

17. Mini lounge

Loggia for recreation.

Insulated, decorated in bright, warm, cheerful colors, the loggia will be a wonderful place to relax. The atmosphere of comfort complements the soft sofa with cushions and live indoor plants. Such a relaxation zone especially in place will be in northern latitudes, where the sun pleases its rays not as often as we would like.

18. Sleeping area

When the balcony turns into a bedroom.

Loft loggia can also be a favorite place to stay in an apartment. A spacious soft place to lie down, plenty of pillows, brick walls and several cozy accessories, complemented by candles. Ideal for warm romantic evenings. And in order to be able to hide from prying eyes and the hot sun, you can hang roller blinds on the windows.