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How to defeat children's chaos, or 10 simple solutions to combat clutter


Children are very difficult to keep track of. And even harder with them to constantly maintain order. Children's toys as if they themselves run across different parts of the apartment and absolutely do not want to stay in their places. To stop this eternal mess and get the child interested in cleaning, you need to approach the process with creativity.

Original ideas for storing children's things can be done with the help of objects that have long been lying around in the closet. With them, putting things in order will turn into a real exciting game.

1. We collect suitcases

Convenient and practical. To create, you can use any unnecessary box.

Children love to play with things adults. And they like to make their own private secret. You can arrange this with the help of an old suitcase or bag. They can leave a vintage look or make a brighter design. The decor is easily done using colored paper or colorful remnants of wallpaper. Small toys, books or any other things are perfectly placed in a small suitcase, at the request of the child. And you can hide it under the table or bed, so as not to interfere. Not bad, it will look at a free place near the wall. In any case, much better than a handful of scattered bears and markers.

2. Creative bags and bags

Bright and cool bags for storing toys.

Such bags can be sewn independently of any fabric. In the upper part you need to make a tied lace or folding part. For the walls of the bag, you can provide a stable frame made of cardboard, then the improvised storage will retain the desired shape and take up less space. For the storage of children's clothes is well suited and any bag of thick PVC film. It is transparent, so it will be clear that where it lies. For the designer it is possible to make a big practical bag of a round form. Unleashing and unfolding it, you can collect parts directly on the fabric, not scattering on the floor. And after the game, everything is as fast as possible again.

Very convenient bag for storing small parts.

3. A practical option for small things.

Any jars or plastic containers can be used.

Step on a little detail from something there - pleasant enough. To keep all the harmful things in place, you can give the child jars of different sizes with the forge or buy a set of plastic containers. All contents are visible and at the same time does not bother anyone. Colorful caps or creative design will help to interest the child. You can stick the figure on the cover or paint the glass together - do not limit the flight of fancy and let your beloved child participate in the design process.

Creative design with your own hands.

4. Use the door with benefits

To save space, you can arrange the storage of toys right on the door.

Fitting a door for storing small soft toys, books, drawing supplies is a fairly practical idea. To do this, you need to place a panel with bags. It can be made of any size and from different materials. Well-suited dense fabric or durable plastic bags. Storage can be done in one color or divided into zones. Separate bags or small panels will look beautiful on the wall. They can be hung above the bed or next to the desk. Simple embroidery and ordinary bags will miraculously turn into funny faces.

Unusual design, for which only threads and a keen eye are needed.

5. Comfortable puffs with a secret

Guess what this ottoman is made of.

It is possible to make a homemade ottoman for the nursery from almost anything. An old metal basin or a bucket will fit, which on the farm will no longer be useful, but have not yet been thrown away. From above, you need to make a cover with a hanger. To do this, it is covered with a cloth and stuffed with foam inside. The lower part can be painted or covered with fabric for a more aesthetic look. And now the main secret - removing the cover, you can store any children's things in such a multifunctional pouf.

6. Mesh shelves

Accessible and convenient anywhere in the room.

You can hide some of the toys in the pallets fixed on the wall. They are usually used for flower placement. However, as improvised shelves, they are also very useful. It is important that the child will clearly see that there lies. That is, everything is in sight, but still does not disturb the order. Even heavier objects, such as books, can be placed in grids.

7. Books right in the bottles.

Cheap organizer for storing books.

Any strong plastic bottles that you already wanted to get rid of can be beneficial. Cutting the top or side of them, you get a wonderful shelf for books. Interconnected several pieces form convenient sections. Improvised shelves can be mounted directly on the wall, put on a table or floor. Now, any desired book will always be at hand.

8. We divide the toys into sections

Convenient shelves for storing toys of different sizes.

Simple shelves at an angle and colored drawers - the key to success in restoring order. Make such a design is not difficult, but the convenience will be the sea. For the formation of drawers fit any capacity: from plastic basins and pots to cardboard or wooden boxes. It is possible to adapt for storage a bucket, even if it is children's plastic, although it is real metal. If there are few toys, a few pieces will suffice, but for large stocks you can make a whole design construction.

9. Order in the bathroom

Such a suspended structure will save a lot of space.

The usual fruit basket or dishes that are no longer needed in the kitchen are sent to the bathroom. Having created such original and convenient hinged shelves, you can quickly restore order with children's bathing toys. They will no longer be lost under the bathroom or at the washing machine.

10. Toys on the swing

Toys also sometimes need fun.

A child will surely enjoy such an original dwelling for his soft friends. On hanging shelves with success will accommodate all the toys. The improvised swing can be easily replaced with air hammocks. It looks stylish and interesting, and most importantly, it easily performs two functions: quickly restore order and a convenient place to play.