Useful ideas

20 original ideas how to decorate a house with the help of indoor plants


Indoor plants are one of those things that can easily turn any living space into something especially and even incredible.

However, in order for everything to work out as it should, you will need to try hard.

How to do this and what you need to do, look in the new review.

1. Plants on a wooden staircase

Live plants placed on the old wooden stairs in the corner of the living room.

2. Houseplants on the stairs

A wooden staircase can be the most inexpensive and affordable material in order to quickly transform the space and create a great place for indoor plants.

3. Plants on a wooden shelf

Wall shelf made of wood will serve as an excellent place for living indoor plants.

4. Live plants on shelves

Miniature indoor plants will look great on wooden shelves.

5. Unusual shelves for plants and not only

Diamond shaped metal frame for wall shelves with houseplants and books.

6. Planters on the ropes

Suspended pots that will be the original alternative to wall shelves and do not take up much space.

7. Suspended pots in the corner

Hanging pots in the corner of the kitchen will be a great place to house your plants.

8. Plant tray

Pink bunk tray for small indoor plants.

9. Small tray for flowers

Three pots for indoor flowers in the latka will be a real highlight of any kitchen.

10. Tray for live plants

Tiered tray for living plants, which will look great in the sleek interior of the kitchen.

11. Placing light-loving plants

The window sill is a great place for plants that love heat and light.

12. A metal can of pots on the windowsill

Cans from the tin can, which you can create with your own hands.

13. Large plant on the pallet

A large plant on a pallet makes interesting the minimalist interior of any room.

14. Metal stand for plants

Forged stand for small indoor plants in the form of openwork stairs.

15. Suspended shelves for plants

Unusual hanging shelves for plants, which greatly save space.

16. Rack for plants

Specially designed shelving for indoor plants.

17. Ultra modern plant trays

Ultra modern pallets for indoor plants that fit perfectly into the bright interior of the room.

18. Pots with flowers on the floor by the window

White illumination pots ideally located near the window.

19. Violets on glass shelves

Violets will feel much cozier on the glass shelves attached to the window.

20. Forged stands for plants

Forged metal coasters once again underline the elegance and beauty of flowers.